Friday 1 January 2016


"Don't start the new year by making resolutions of what not to do, turn it around and make resolutions of what you are going to do."             -       Susan

Figure Out What You Really Want

If you're really devoted to finding the perfect guy in the new year, knowing what you're looking for can make a huge difference. Laurel mentions that asking yourself these questions will put you on the right track: 

What's most important to you?

Where do you stand when it comes to priorities in life? What do you stand for?

Get Rid Of Your Baggage & Hangups!

Hanging onto past relationships definitely won't do your love life any favours. It's time to say goodbye to all of the emotional hangups and baggage (including old flames) that held you back in 2014 so you can look forward to a better 2015.

If the relationship didn't impact your life in a positive way, it's not worth holding onto. And if you have a persistent ex, this 12-step program will help you keep your sanity and move on.

Try Something New!

Laurel says that you should put yourself out there "instead of going to the bar where 'everyone knows your name." And she's right!

How can you expect to snag the guy who's right for you if you haven't introduced yourself to him first?

Be Confident!

Ladies, confidence is sexy! Seriously, there's nothing better than a girl who knows what she wants and also knows her worth, which is why Laurel says it's imperative that your date knows "there truly are plenty of fish in the sea and you can easily pull another guy just as great or better than he is if need be." This has nothing to do with being arrogant; it's all about being confident in yourself.

Screw The Rules!

You know all of those dating faux pas that the world has been feeding to you ever since you can remember? Get rid of those right now.

Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love will show how to find your own Prince Charming without having to kiss a lot of toads to get there. 

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