Sunday 21 February 2016

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of Having An Affair

"Male or Female the temptation to have an affair is always all around you, my advice to you if you are thinking about embarking on an affair is "Don't even go there" unless you can handle the fallout. Your life will never be the same again, you will have to live with the guilt of hurting the people you love and that is hard to deal with."       -        Susan

11 Subtle Signs You're On The Verge Of Having An Affair

You've got it BAD.
For most, affairs aren't necessarily wrapped up in mere curiosity, nor are they always about the sensual, sweaty romp most imagine. Sometimes, it's not even about sex at all.
In actuality, an affair can start from something more basic, like the level of intimacy you lack with your own partner. So before you start planning your rendezvous, ask yourself how you got to this moment in the first place. Here's a look at eleven subtle signs you're on the verge of an affair:
1. You hesitate when someone asks if you're in a relationship.
Or if they ask, "So how are things going?" you say, "Well, sort of..." or "It's complicated." The fact that you're hesitating about an obvious relationship that you're in reveals that you're uncertain about your current relationship and where you two stand.
"It's complicated" may imply that things aren't great, that you're considering a way out. It might even show that if you felt that the right opportunity presented itself, you may bethinking of cheating.
2. You stare or make eye contact with people who aren't your partner.
Looking at others is harmless, but once your gaze lasts longer than a few seconds and you're looking at another person up and down, you're imagining yourself with that person. Now, you're undressing them with your eyes. From there, you begin to imagine all sorts of things you shouldn't even be thinking because the person you're gawking at isn't your partner.
3. You share too much information with the person you're attracted to.
Eventually, the person you're sharing with is privy to all sorts of information your partner isn't, giving this person the upper hand, which can be used to seduce you in the near future.
4. You agree to meet anyone for a "quick lunch" or "a drink."
If your meeting or get-together has nothing to do with work or isn't truly platonic, you may be crossing the line. If there are feelings involved on either side, you may be meeting this person, unknowingly weighing the options as to whether you're ready to take your friendship to the next level.
5. You brush against the other person as often as possible
Playful as it may seem, brushing against one another can excite both of you, as your bodies begin to manifest latent desires you two know are there, but aren't pursuing. Allowing someone else to brush the hair from your face, or run their fingers through your hair can trigger the eye-closing groan that instantly denotes pleasure. Of course, you two will begin to read one another's body language, especially the signals for pleasure.
6. You outwardly touch someone else.
Touching one another sends certain signals to your brain. That slight stimulation, though harmless, can lead to more, especially if your touch or the other person's touch begins to linger. Part of you already enjoys this person and imagines yourself being with him or her. Sooner or later, your body will ultimately follow.
7. You start lying about what you're doing or where you are.
If you start sneaking around in any way as it relates to the person you're spending more time with, chances are you're on the verge of an affair. Instinctively, you begin to lie, covering up your tracks to avoid getting caught, while allowing yourself to be in subtly seductive situations where you two can meet in secret.
8. You're experiencing mood swings.
If you're suddenly happy, grumpy, absent-minded all the time, or display any other noticeable change in behaviour, not being around this person begins to affect your mood. This other person has become your emotional crutch and your happiness, so your feelings for your partner are changing, which makes it easier and "excusable" to have an affair.
9. You change your appearance.
If you begin to splurge on areas you didn't before — a new haircut, lingerie, a gym membership, mani-pedis or clothes — you're buying these things to impress this new person. You know that your partner appreciates you the way you are, and so does your new interest. Still, some part of you is trying to make a good impression on him or her, so you're showing your best side to ensure that you're utterly irresistible.
10. You make a drastic life change.
If you were once a couch potato only able to get off of the couch for work and friends, but now suddenly find yourself the life of the party, you may be changing your outward appearance for the benefit of this new person. Even better, you may be trying to get out more and improve your self-image in order to get away from your partner.
You begin to be about "others." Volunteering, people-pleasing and finding new outlets of excitement could be directly or indirectly related to this new person in your life, which may not be all that bad. Still, it means that you're seeing things differently than you did before.
11. You're discreetly texting, calling or messaging another person.
If you can't go without hearing from this person in one form of communication or another, you've got it bad. If you get lost in a whirlwind of texts, emails, IMs or any other form of communication, you're already far-gone. You become lost in your messages and begin to lose your focus at work, with friends or at home.
Lack of communication is something most cite for ending their relationships; yet, here you are, communicating often with this other person who isn't your partner. You two are sharing something far more profound than attraction for one another. Your relationship is far too intimate at this point. Soon, you two will find yourselves in a position you can no longer ignore.
Before you begin any of these heavily flirtatious stages that lead to an affair, consider the consequences. Truly allow yourself to ponder if this other person is worth it. Allow yourself to explore doubts about whether you and this other person have a chance at long-lasting love, or whether it's fleeting desire you feel.
In other words, be sure that once you've reached the turning point, the person you're moving toward is a better fit than the one you're moving away from.
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