Monday 10 February 2014

How You Could be Getting it Horribly Wrong this Feb 14th!

You could be getting it horribly wrong this Feb 14th!

'I'm not buying you chocolate- you're already overweight!'

Men and women think very differently about the day that is looming, so we take a look at some of the aspects of the Valentine’s that push us further apart rather than bring us closer together. reveal the gender divide when it comes to Valentine’s day! 
A brave 35% of men don’t buy chocolates for their partner as they think they are already overweight- So if your fella doesn’t buy you something gooey and creamy for Valentine’s then it might be time to go out for a run!
58% of women offer to pay for the Valentines meal in FULL!- A bit of give and take; if he treat you least year then there is no reason why you should take the fall this year, or at least go 50/50!
65% of men have changed the subject when their partner has mentioned marriage- Valentine’s Day is a popular day for proposing, however if he is not in that place- it can make for a very awkward meal indeed! Talking about Sex back at home should keep them engaged!
75% of women have explicitly told their partner what gifts they want to receive- Sometimes they just don’t take the hint! At least you know that you are getting what you want and he is not wasting his money!
1 in 4 men have forgotten to buy their partner a card. Whilst only 1 in 50 women have done the same- Awkward, this is really the bare minimum that you should get each other- if gifts are off the table a card is a must!
79% of men would rather a night out with their mates, than a romantic meal – Well it does fall on a Friday night this year! Suck it up guys; you can go out on Saturday! One night in with your girlfriend is not going to kill you! (Unless you have forgotten to give her a card then I can make no promises)
28% of women have got dressed up expecting a marriage proposal, only not to get one! - Don’t expect anything (these stats would suggest) that if he ain’t going to remember a card- then a Marriage proposal is laughable!
42% of men have feigned illness on at least once to avoid Valentine’s Day- Really? Is it that bad? Food, gifts and Sex? I thought that’s what you all wanted?
66% of women exaggerate their valentine’s gift to their friends- This is one of our bragging rights along with how much weight we have lost! (Artistic licence!)
83% of men only book a table after being told to by their partner- It is a given that we want to do something with the evening other than sit and listen to you fart and watch you scratch your balls  while you play on the Xbox after tea. Take the initiative!
65% of women would prefer cash instead of a present- Men often get it wrong with gifts, so why not just let us pick something either as we are shopping with you or cash to get what we want- again don’t waste your hard earned money!
50% of men have suggested having the meal on another night, so they can use a discount voucher at the restaurant!- This I can get on bored with- times are hard and it means that you can effectively  celebrate twice, one in the bedroom and one in a restaurant so everyone is happy!
47% of women don’t want flowers- They die in days- there are much better things that you can spend money on! Think outside the box- or the cellophane wrapping!

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