Saturday 24 August 2013

6 Reasons Why On/Off Relationships are Bad for You

6 Reasons Why On-Off Relationships are Bad for You

6 Reasons Why On/Off Relationships are Bad for You

Are you trapped in the vicious circle of the on-off relationship a la doctors Meredith and Derek from Grey’s Anatomy or Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex and the City? It can be very frustrating for women to have to tolerate the ups and downs of a relationship with the same noncommittal man that they can’t help but stick with. Here are the reasons why it’s high time that you break it off for good.

1. Take up too much time

These, sometimes on sometimes off relationships take up just too much time. Life is short and very much fast paced, you cannot afford to waste time on a guy who is just dilly-dallying. The emotional stress of numerous break-ups also results in bad performance career wise. If it’s not working out even after numerous attempts, devote more time to yourself by breaking up forever.

2. Doesn't let you move on

There are so many fishes in the sea, then why be trapped in a relationship that is going in circles with one man? Such relationships don’t let you be free and explore other multiple dating chances you can have. You never know, you just might find your soul mate and regret wasting time with this guy once you split.

3. No commitment

At some stage of life, all people, especially women, wish to settle down and start a family. But if you are still stuck in an on-off relationship that keeps breaking up, then these dreams may probably remain unfulfilled. You deserve commitment, and if this guy is not willing to commit and you are just going back to him by becoming an emotional slave, then it’s time to take a solid stance. 

4. Waste of energy

Just like time, such relationships end up wasting your energy. They will drain you physically and emotionally. You might as well invest that much energy in your work or on someone else who seems to be willing to date you.

5. Uncertainty and instability

The mind is always filled with doubts and the relationship seems uncertain and unstable. The satisfaction level is not much as you keep wondering whether he will always be there for you or not or when and how the next break-up will happen.

6. Your parents and friends get irked

Your loved ones will surely not like it and get irritated with your constant splits and patch ups with the man in question. They would want you to settle with one man in a stable relationship where you both can fall back on each other. It’s very obvious that your folks and friends would get irritated with your messy love life and rightly so, for an on-off relationship more often than not, doesn’t end in happily ever after like they show in movies and TV serials.

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