Friday 16 August 2013

Humor Versus Reality – Talking Too Much on First Date

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Humor Versus Reality – Talking Too Much on First Date
One of the biggest turnoffs on a first date is someone who continually talks about himself or herself. This is also a problem in first communications online. One way you can improve your image online and in real life is to learn the art of asking genuine questions of interest about other people. When you show interest in others, it increases their interest in you (unless you’re a stalker, that is).

Rule of Thumb:

When you are on a first date, don’t talk about yourself unless you are asked a question. Keep the focus on your date by asking insightful questions (stay away from the topics of politics, religion, and sex). By putting the focus on your date, you will make him/her feel your genuine interest and greatly increase your chances of a second date.
The key is to learn to ask questions about others that are insightful. Before you go on a first date with someone you met online, study the profile of them carefully in order to formulate questions that show you “did your homework”. It makes you more interesting. Other good topics include family, food, humor, non-political but uplifting current events. Steer the conversation away from negative subjects that can bring down the date (death, crimes, etc.).
Do you have any tips you can give for anyone going on a first date? Scratch something down in the comments below...

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