Wednesday 28 August 2013

The Best Sex of Your Life: 4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

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4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life


When it comes to having great sex, knowing what you're comfortable with in the bedroom is just as important as technique (or being freakishly flexible.) Feeling in charge of your sexuality is a non-negotiable requirement on the quest to mind-blowing sex, so if you're lacking in the sexual self-confidence department, now is the time to bone up. Dance around your apartment naked, schedule some me-time with a vibrating toy, buy yourself a hot dress – whatever you do, find a fun way to increase your sexual confidence and awareness on your own, so that you're better able to rock your man's world later on

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Foreplay is to sex what stretching is to a workout; you have to prep your body for what's to come. Some men may want to fast forward to the main event, so you must be firm on this and not allow them to skip the pre-show. Kissing, groping, biting, and stroking are all excellent go-to moves; however, nothing is more beneficial to amazing, orgasmic sex than a sensual, tantric massage. Not only do massages feel good, but, as an added bonus, they warm up your skin and connect you with your partner. So put on some sexy music, light a soy candle, and take turns massaging each other, head to toe.


If you're in a relationship, what was once great sex can become stale if you're not careful. You may ask yourself 'what happened?' or feel like the spark has dimmed, but in reality, you just need to change things up. There is nothing more exhilarating than the unexpected, so experimenting with different positions or introducing a toy might be all that is needed to put the "oh yes!" back into your lovemaking. For inspiration, flip through a book with your partner, such as The Position Sex Bible or The Position of the Day Playbook. The Kama Sutra is also a classic.

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For most women, exhilarating sex means stronger, more frequent orgasms. While you can't climax at will, there are ways to increase the probability of an orgasm. Start with strengthening your PC muscles with sexercises, relax as much as possible, and of course, practice a lot!
Lastly, it's important to remember that great sex isn't about having perfect technique or rock solid abs, instead, the best sex of your life will happen when you are completely in the moment, ferocious with lust, and having fun.

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