Monday 1 July 2013

5 Reasons Your Boyfriend Loves Your No-Makeup Look

5 Reasons Your Boyfriend Loves Your No-Makeup Look

A common mistake most girls end up making in order to impress their boyfriends is applying a lot of makeup. While it’s true that basic makeup such as lip gloss and eye liner only highlight your features better and make you look prettier, guys don’t really see the point in makeup beyond that. In fact, most guys hate it when their girlfriends apply makeup for basic outings such as movies, shopping, lunches etc. Here are some of the reasons why your guy prefers your no-makeup look better.

1. It doesn’t make you come across as a wanna-be

You can go wrong in experimenting with various latest makeup trends, but you can never go wrong with your natural self. And guys love to see their girlfriends in their natural way. If he didn’t like you that way, he would have dumped you that very morning after the sleepover at his place, when you woke up with smudged makeup and messy hair. Come to think of it, makeup can’t protect you at all times of the day, right? He is bound to see you sometime or the other minus make-up. So why don’t you just let him see you that way more often? He loves you for who you are, and not some wanna-be figure you want to be.

2. It doesn’t leave stains on his clothes

Guys hate it when their girlfriends’ lipsticks leave marks on their clothes. If he happens to live with his parents still, then you are just putting him in a really embarrassing position when he gets back home. Don’t make him want to avoid kissing or hugging you, just because he is afraid that your makeup will spoil his clothes and will lead to a series of questions at home for him.

3. It creates no fuss in intimacy

When you are dolled up with makeup on your face, every time he touches your face or wants to kiss you, something or the other is bound to smudge, from your lipstick to your blush. He doesn’t like this fuss, and wants to be intimate with you, without thinking of anything else. And logically speaking, makeup is the lamest reason for him to not be close to you! So don’t push him away unnecessarily by applying complex makeup. Moreover, it might just taste or smell funny to him whenever he comes close to you. He doesn’t want to taste your eye shadow while kissing your eyes!

4. It makes you come across as self-confident

When you are minus makeup, it gives a sense to the guy that you are confident about yourself, just the way you are. You don’t need any external sources to charm the guy, when your natural beauty and magic are enough. That is a great thing to earn respect in a guy’s eyes, and it will only make him fall in love with you even more.

5. It will never affect your natural beauty

Most guys feel that if makeup is not done correctly, it can make even a pretty girl look ugly. Hence, they see no point in girls taking such a risk, when they can anyway get the attention of their guy with their natural beauty. So in such cases, makeup is only considered a wasteful expense.
The best way out is to opt for minimal makeup, which only highlights your features. Go for as natural a look as possible, with a slight seductive shimmer here and there to help you dazzle and look great.


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