Wednesday 10 July 2013

Pushing The Trolley Round Tesco - Part 1

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After the honeymoon period there is groceries to get

Pushing The Trolley Round Tesco

For a very, very long time when it comes to relationships, especially new relationships I’ve had this thought or concept in my head. It came about when I met my first girlfriend after the break down of my marriage half a lifetime ago. What is this concept? Well I quietly called it the ”Pushing the Trolley Round Sainsburys (or Walmart or whatever popular supermarket you use in your region of the world)” concept. This concept I have never put to paper or shared with anybody until now. The concept goes like this:

Remember that last relationship?

Usually it goes that when a relationship kicks off and in those early stages it usually all about those standard “new relationship” activities like eating out, going to the cinema, going to the pub, night clubs, eating out, watching TV, listening to the radio, chatting and kissing and cuddling on the sofa etc.

These are all pretty much all we newly romantics can imagine. Yes?

Well, for me being the crazy cat that I am my mind would be looking at the next stage and that being where we would be together and “pushing the trolley round Sainsburys”. Now now for a lot of girls that sounds a bit freaky and for nearly all men I must appear a complete wuss-bag! 

I’d imagine this really low down, deep, long-term “relationshippy” stuff of going on a shopping trip with my partner. Crazy isn't it?

There is a solid reason though for this weirdness and that is when (not if) we get together exclusively we're gonna have to eat at home. Why not? But in order for that to happen there needs to be food and you get food at the supermarket.

What's that going to be and feel like?

Comfort and  Balance

I imagine that smooth, comfort of just hanging out and wandering around the aisles making those necessary decisions together with the lady of my dreams.

Hands up who also thinks of these things too?

What just me....?!!! I'm a wuss-bag!!!

Appreciate sharing the everyday
I'd love to know how many of you girls think like this. Please let me know, as I'm intrigued. Maybe like me it’s something common to many girls and that it’s rare for a guys?

But for me I'd realised some things, and that was often relationships would failed and crumbled after that "honeymoon" period had drawn to a close or she eventually admitted that she never liked "Star Wars" and never understood the concept of  "The Matrix" and you really didn't like visiting friends for dinner every weekend.

No Your Outcome

The way I saw it was I wasn't playing. So when I met my new girlfriend over a year ago now (yes we're still together) we were able to skip over much of the new love stuff and show up as we really are. Fortunately she wasn't playing too, which worked very well for both of us. We were both looking to get out of the relationship the very same things. When it comes to relationships it is all a learning experience. Unfortunately we learn more from our failures than our seamless successes. 

Now that's not to say I don't do the romantic walks by the seaside or have meals out etc. but now view is to balance properly and when we do it's all comes with great talks about life the future and the universe.

Of course there are some of you out there that needs different stimulation or expectations in their relationship and that's fine but like that cute little puppy at Christmas time eventually it grows up and becomes what it's going to be for the rest of it's life. You better get to love it after all a relationship isn't just for Christmas.

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