Monday 22 July 2013

The Best Positions for Women to Achieve Orgasm

The Best Positions for Women to Achieve Orgasm

If an earth shattering, bed rattling and mind blowing orgasm stays elusive to you, there is a high probability that the fault doesn’t lie with your body, but with your technique. Yes, you heard us right! The quest to that perfect orgasm doesn’t mean you have more and more sex, but it requires you to have quality sex using the right position, that will always and always guarantee an orgasm. And the fact of the matter is that some of the carnal classics are more than good enough to orgasm, if you tweak them just a little to suit your requirements.
Here are some sex secrets that will tell you which sex positions increase your chances for that perfect climax. Try these positions the next time you have sex, and we assure you that you will not be sorry!
#1 The Doggy style
doggy style 177x130 The Best Positions for Women to Achieve OrgasmEveryone has tried doggy style, but many of us don’t really get it right. One way to try this position is to kneel on all fours and make sure the legs are slightly parted and the elbows bent for better support. The key is to ensure that your head isn’t pressed in to the pillow; arch your head back slightly and hold your butt up for full penetration. If that doesn’t work for you, tweak the position slightly by lying on your stomach, and lift your butt slightly so that your man can penetrate from behind.

Why it works? When done correctly, this position can maximize G-spot stimulation because it gives a lot of scope for the penis to rub against the upper walls of the vagina, as well as the testicles to rub against the clitoris to create just the right amount of friction, resulting in a strong, powerful orgasm.
#2 The Rocking Horse
imagesCAVH1JJV The Best Positions for Women to Achieve OrgasmWhile the woman on top position works for many because this gives you the chance to set the pace and thrust, sometimes you need a little modification to achieve an earth shattering orgasm. The Rocking Horse is the perfect example – the woman is sitting and not lying on top, with her legs wrapped around her man, rocking up and down to set the perfect rhythm.
Why it works? Not only do you have full control to work on your orgasm, the angle allows for a deeper penetration and the rocking movements will set the perfect pace. Additionally, the fact that your man has the ideal angle to work on your pert nipples at the same time works like a charm!
#3 The Backwards Cowgirl
backward cowgirl 225x130 The Best Positions for Women to Achieve OrgasmNow we have already established the fact that being on top will work in your favour to achieve that elusive orgasm, but why not spice things up a bit? Try the backward cowgirl – face away from your man as you mount him from the top and ride away to that perfect orgasm!
Why it works? The position gives you the opportunity to dictate the pace as well as the depth of thrusting. The man has access to your clitoris and can further use his fingers to stimulate it. Also, the fit is tighter and that makes the sensations you have coursing through your body a lot more intense.
#4 The Flower Press
flower press 222x130 The Best Positions for Women to Achieve OrgasmIf a G-spot orgasm is what you are after, the Flower Press is sure to thrill. While this is a simple position that is a tweak to the favourite Missionary Style, here you need to raise your legs upwards and angle them over your man’s shoulders, your knees nestled in the crook of his neck.
Why it works? This position deepens the penetration because of the angle your body is in, also making his pelvic arch create the perfect friction against your clitoris for extra stimulation.
Bonus tip: While our highly recommended sex positions are guaranteed to make you come, it definitely helps if you play around a little by yourself to find out which of these positions has the most desired effect on you. This ensures that when you are with your partner the next time, you know exactly what to get him to do to facilitate that orgasm.
Do you need help to achieve an orgasm? What positions have you tried that worked for you? Do you think you will try our recommended sex positions to spice up your sex life? Let us know!

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