Thursday, 3 April 2014

7 Compliments Women Actually Find Insulting

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7 Compliments Women Actually Find Insulting

Take note of these seven compliments that women actually find insulting before you accidentally find yourself walking home alone.
‘…for a girl’
Ending a sentence with: ‘You’re so funny, for a girl’ or ‘You’re really clever, for a girl’. Not only does this suggest that a female with a good sense of humour or a brain is a rare and precious thing, but calling anyone over the age of 18 a ‘girl’ is insulting in itself. She’s an adult!
‘You look fine’
If a woman has spent some time getting ready to go out with you, telling her she looks ‘fine’ when she asks will not cut the mustard. Go with ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ or something similar and, for extra points, pick out a detail like “…and I really like your new lipstick.”
‘You’re so bubbly!’
In many women’s eyes ‘bubbly’ = ‘chubby and irritating’. Avoid.
‘You have a great personality’
The ‘great personality’ compliment is so lame that you might as well just give up on attracting women now. It’s so generic that it sounds like you haven’t listened to a word they said, don’t know anything about them and have barely looked at them.
‘You are so HOT!’
This applies mostly to women that you’ve only just met, but even if you end up dating them you should proceed with caution. Whilst a woman does like to be found attractive, she doesn’t want to be seen as a sex object, so be careful how you tell her you like her.
‘You look like you enjoy a good meal’
If you’re a fan of cooking, eating out and are generally an all round foodie, then this will seem like the highest of compliments, as you probably can’t think of anyone you’d rather take on a date. However, for a woman, you’ve basically just said: “You’re fat”. Bad move, Romeo.
‘You’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful’ (ad infinitum)
Yes, being called beautiful is indeed a compliment, and one that will no doubt be appreciated, but using the same compliment over and over again wears it out, like a toothbrush or a pair of shoes. If you can’t manage to think of an original thing to say now and again, the woman in your life is going to think you’re either unimaginative and boring or you’re only with her for her looks, neither of which paint you in an attractive light.

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