Saturday 27 December 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty much anything goes' Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips

EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty much anything goes' Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips

SHE'S THE queen of dating tips, and Sarah Beeny's match-making website My Single Friend celebrated ten years in the business earlier this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips
When it comes to the festive season happily-married Sarah has loads of top tips for dating from dates in the pub to long walks in the park.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Express Online, businesswoman Beeny revealed the office party is a great place to make a move.
She said: "Festive dating! God yes. The great thing about a Christmas party is, I think, pretty much anything goes. I would say, if they're single. I'm not saying to launch yourself at your boss regardless of the fact their wive is on the other side of the room - not a good idea.
"If someone's single and you really quite fancy them, it's the perfect place. You can say, 'Well I just had too much champagne and was in the festive spirit'. "
Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips
Don't do iceskating, you could really hurt your bum.
Sarah Beeny's festive dating tips
Her enthusiasm for match-making paired with such fabulous confidence has built up MySingleFriend to the successful site it is today.
Sarah, who sites her dating website as the reason internet dating no longer has a stigma around it, admitted there are dos and don't for festive dating.
She said: "Don't do iceskating, you could really hurt your bum. I think you should only go iceskating if you're excellently good at it. Also for a woman who can't skate it's not very dignified and for a woman who can skate to go on a date with a man who can't skate is deeply unattractive. Probably don't go skating.
"Maybe you could go to the pub? A cosy pub with a fire. Or a walk with a pub is good, even in the city you can find a nice common you can meet and go for a walk then to a pub near the common!"
Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips
She added: "Don't set it up as a long date, I always say this: treat your first meeting as a meeting to see if you want a date. Don't set up a three hour meeting, just go for a coffee on the way back from work."
MSF has weathered a decade of technological advances brilliantly, standing on its own against relatively modern apps like Tinder.
Speaking about comparisons with the app, Sarah admitted you were more likely to meet a 'kindred spirit' on MSF than you were on Tinder.
She said: "The thing about MSF is that your friend is still the one who recommends you, you're still connected to people and Tinder is just you on your own. You're on one look and just looking at people saying yes or no. It's totally one dimensional.
Sarah Beeny gives her festive dating tips
"You're more likely to meet a kindred spirit on MSF, you're not going to meet a kindred spirit on Tinder. I did say that to my husband this morning and he said, 'My god you sound like you're 80'."
And, as a testament to the product, the TV star admitted she would use MSF if she wasn't happily married to her husband Graham Swift.
She revealed: "If God yeah, why not not. You'd have to because you never know what could happen. If you say yes to everything amazing things happen and if you say no, definitely amazing things won't happen.
"I just think, yeah let's sign up! What's the worst could happen? You'll go for a coffee and not like them? Nothing lost at all."
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