Wednesday 3 December 2014

What does his Xmas gift mean?

What does his Xmas gift mean?

See what your man is really saying with his Christmas present, so you’ll know whether to deck the halls…or him!
Flowers and chocolate
If all he got you was flowers and chocolate, he put in a pitiful amount of effort. You deserve a partner who gives you more consideration than deciding which supermarket to hit en route to your place.
Guys give bling when they’re starting to take the relationship seriously and want you to commit. He gets bonus points if he got an item you’ve been pining for – guys who listen are as good as, well, gold (or silver or platinum…).
A DIY project
Homemade gifts require effort, meaning he invested time in your gift. If it’s accompanied by something he bought that he knows you want? He’s the one-two punch: creativeand generous.

The IT gadget
If he gets you an iPod loaded with your favourite songs, his heart’s in the right place. If you unwrap the latest e-reader despite your obvious devotion to paperbacks, maybe he’sthe thing you should be upgrading instead.
He paid off your CC
It’s the season of being thoughtful, and finances aren’t really romantic. Maybe you asked him for the bailout, but he’s your boyfriend, not your accountant. Flowers or a nice dinner help prove your spark isn’t dead.
A trip
Whether it’s a fast car to a capital city or a road trip along the coast, you have an adventurous co-pilot who thinks experiences are more enjoyable with you. Pack some sexy little things to make it a very bon voyage.

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