Monday 4 November 2013

Young Love Isn't That Bad

Young Love Isn't That Bad

YOUNG love. Pretty intriguing, right? What really goes into your mind when young love or young relationship is brought up? You must think that it’s nothing but a distraction and brings nothing good.
Well, can I disagree with that?
Young relationship isn’t all that bad. You can’t judge the whole population of teenagers when you hear on the news that young girls get pregnant. The truth is, not all teenagers are like that. There are only a few out there who tend to forget their limitations.
You can’t just jump directly to a conclusion that when teenagers are in a relationship, they’ll do “it” in a few months. It’s far from that and it’s unfair for those who never thought of it at all.
Being in a relationship isn’t a distraction unless you make it one. Maintaining good grades is still possible if you work hard and be responsible enough. Juggling school work and social life will be a breeze if you know how to set your priorities.
The only hard part is when parents don’t trust us, teenagers, enough to be in an innocent relationship.
So parents, you raised us well, right? You raised us well enough to know that we won’t do anything to destroy our future. All we need is communication and guidance. We need your trust so the more we will trust our self and others.
Parents, when your children are open to you, the more you get to know them. And the more you will understand them.
Most of the teenagers out there like to look at relationships as inspiration - being with someone who cares for you, being with someone you can talk to about everything, and being with someone who makes you smile nonstop.
Of course, I am not encouraging every teenager to engage in a relationship. If you know that you still wouldn’t be able to handle it then don’t rush. There’s really nothing to rush, anyway. We all have our time. We are young and vibrant.
It takes time for a relationship to thrive. I just want to appeal to everyone to stop judging and giving evil glares to young lovers. It’s not fair for them, for us.
Communication, understanding, guidance – these are all we need.


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