Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dating in the 21st Century From a Woman’s Perspective

Dating in the 21st Century From a Woman’s Perspective

It has been brought to my attention the feeble attempts of the new dating scene on 2013. In hearing about a girl getting taken out– the couple has a good time; the female gets called back after three days and wasn’t asked out on another date– now there goes the friend for the swoop in and reap the benefits of the still available for the snatching female! While the other fellow is kicking himself for not stepping up to the plate, time to clear things up a bit in the dating scene from a female perspective and the insane expectations bestowed upon the gender bender.

In the dating game like in relationships women need reassurance. The whole three-day-waiting game to call her is a pretty moderate time frame for her to get all worried and bothered and super excited when you can, but don’t call if you’re not going to ask her out on another date. And if you want to ask her out again then do it if you want! Don’t wait! The opportunity is probably there and if you find out it’s not, pick up the pride and move on. Because if you wait too long, the woman will more than likely completely drop you off her dating radius; you snooze you lose.


I know it gets old hearing that girls love when a guy opens a door. But we absolutely adore it! There’s a point where a girls expectations becomes a little ridiculous like having you flip the bill every single time you go out, opening her car door for her, cooking her dinner constantly or having to choose the dates every time you go out. Let’s face it. Pampering your lady gets exhausting and insanely expensive for you guys. Not saying you can’t handle it but a break of the expectations would be nice. Would it not?

Number one concern of mine personally is why do we use so much technology in communicating? Aren’t things more upfront and personal if you approach someone to ask them out? Why text them? It’s the most superficial for of caring and communication I have ever encountered. Plus phone calls would take less time and be less annoying than a buzz in your pocket every minute. As a female I appreciate more when my boyfriend calls when he can, than when he texts me every few minutes. Maybe it’s just me, but I also cherish those conversations more than the text messages I receive saying “Yup”. If you can also meet in person, do it! Talk about up close and personal! Body language can tell you more than a phone call or text message can! Try it for once and you might learn something about your date or significant other.

Ladies, it’s a new age I hate to say. Chivalry isn’t 100 percent dead, but maybe if we ladies pitch in every once in a while we wouldn’t have such insane stereotypes of being incapable and dumb. Take your man to that sports game he’s been talking about the last month, take him to a movie, pick his sexy face up on his doorstep and get the door for him. And flip the bill for his favorite restaurant.

Mentioning of restaurants and dates, when someone takes you out don’t order the most expensive meal on the menu! Don’t get that ridiculously priced drink! CONSIDERATION PEOPLE! I have a friend who was taken to a fancy seafood joint, who ordered a salmon dinner with three margaritas and she had no idea why he didn’t call her back. Hello! You stacked his bill higher than his wages in a day’s shift! Take that tip and put it in your pocket. Being aware of your actions can show a lot to a man or a woman.

Dating and relationships are both adventures of give and take and to see if sparks fly. I’m not saying we should have lower expectations, but a more level understanding of how we affect the opposite gender and how we thrive off of one another. If a girl wants to ask a guy out, break down those barriers and try it! Making more of an effort to physically confront one another means more than a phone call or a text and by having high expectations we dig ourselves a massive hole we can barely climb out of. And being aware of one’s means financially and emotionally can go a longer ways than one can comprehend. Good luck in these cold times to find someone to trustingly snuggle up to with some hot cocoa!


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