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13 First Dates and 7 Dating Disasters to find The One

Dating: 13 First Dates and 7 Dating Disasters to find The One

13 First Dates and 7 Dating Disasters to find The One

They may not climb any mountains, but Brits are willing to go through 13 first dates in order to find their soul mate.
Over a lifetime it will take 13 first dates, 11 romantic dinners and seven dating disasters for Brits to find their life partner.
Although women are thought to be the ones who are thought to be ruthless when trying to find their perfect partner, they’re thought to find theirs after just 10 first dates, compared to a man’s 13.
One surprising fact is the cost of dating. Brits will spend nearly £11,000 on dating in their lifetime!

The dates themselves as well as gifts and pre-date grooming bump the costs up and leave a rather large hole in the pockets of Britain over a number of years.
Unsurprisingly, the first year of a relationship is the most costly, with Brits spending £3,629 on dating.
The second year sees the cost drop by £1,000 as couples aren’t trying as hard to impress each other.
Andy Oldham, Managing Director at the UK’s biggest cashback site Quidco which commissioned the research, said, “It seems the dating game is a costly one for us Brits wanting to impress in the first forays of a relationship.
“When you add up the amount you will spend before you finally marry ‘the one’, the cost can be staggering, so it is no wonder splitting the cost of courtship is becoming more common.
“And it seems the money we spend isn’t just on the date itself. Many use it as an opportunity to treat themselves to a new outfit, beauty treatment or haircut, not to mention the gift purchased to really impress their potential partner.”
Interestingly, spending increases again once a couple have become engaged, with couples spending over £3,000 between the engagement and the wedding.
Parting with so much money when dating can be disastrous, as it was found that Brits will have to endure seven dating disasters on the quest for their soul mate.
This could be bad news for the 20 per cent of men who said that they have taken a girl on holiday to try and impress her!
What have you had to endure to find The One, or are you still looking?

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