Tuesday 25 November 2014


Love by numbers


We live our lives by numbers - train times, lunch prices, that dreaded BMI. But what if the answers to our future happiness lay, in fact, with maths? We asked the experts about 5 numbers that can set you on the road to relationship bliss.


The percentage which your work relationships will improve if you have a supportive spouse, as he’ll help lower stress levels. To help support each other, try the Kahnoodle app – it sends you ideas for things to do for each other. Clever.
Source: Psychology Today


The perfect age gap in years between you and your partner, according to a study from Bath University. In fact, the study showed couples where women are five years younger than their partner are six times less likely to divorce than most couples. (With a new bloke? Find his DOB on Facebook.) But if this doesn’t apply to you and your partner, don’t sweat it. “It’s the parity in mental ages that really helps sustain a relationship,” says Denise Knowles from Relate. Visit mymentalage.com to check what your mental age gap is. And no gloating if he proves to be more immature.


The percentage of couples who say money causes tension (that’ll be the fight over that ChloĆ© bag you had to have then). Debts and loans rarely make conversational fireworks, so ditch bad habits with the Home Budget app. It tracks incomes, expenses and bills and can be synced so both of you can access it, leaving you to enjoy a relationship that’s not affected by money. Quids in!
Source: Florida State University


The number of people a 30-year-old woman who's had seven sexual partners could have indirectly slept with. Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s Sex Degrees Of Separation Calculator works out how many indirect partners you’ve had. Medical director Dr Tom Brett says, “If you’ve slept with a person and they’ve slept with two people and so on, it becomes a tangled web.”
Visit calculators.lloydspharmacy.com/sexdegrees (and maybe the GUM clinic).


The average number of times a week most married couples 'do the do'. So pity the colleague who says they’re at it for hours nightly. “If you have three kids under five and you have sex once a week – hallelujah!” says relationship expert Tracey Cox. Sex therapists recommend putting sex into your diary. A US study showed 8am is the optimum time, as energy and hormone levels are at their peak, with the ideal amount of time to devote to the deed between seven and 13 minutes. Use Google Calendar to block in ‘sexy time’ with your partner.
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