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First Date Survival Guide

Don't drink too much!
Don't drink too much!

First Date Survival Guide

So they said yes. You saw him, you (casually) swooped and you got the number. Some might say the hard part is over but then again you still have the first date to consider. You don’t want all that hard work to be for nothing, do you? Ok, now it’s time to really impress him. Even the most confident of gals blow it on the first date, here are my tips to ensuring that doesn’t happen.
Talk about your ex let’s get it out the way now, the golden rule of any first date. No one wants to know how heartbroken you were or how he was just using you to get close to your best friend. This is your chance to leave all of that behind you, take it!
Overdress getting ready and can’t decide what to wear? Remember this is a date not a prom, leave the tiara at home. You’d be surprised how much guys like a pair of jeans and a vest top he doesn’t want to be your personal crutch as you hobble around on ten inch heels. If he’s really the guy for you he won’t care what you’re wearing anyway.
Get Ahead of Yourself don’t set yourself up for a fall, he’s agreed to meet for a drink not be the father of your children. Remember this is just a date, there were other guys before him and there’ll be more after him, this is NOT your one and only chance to find love! If you’re secretly already telling yourself he’s your boyfriend then we really need to talk. Desperation can be spotted a mile off, be confident and believe that you’re better than that Let Him Make All of the Decisions You want to be wined and dined but try and maintain just a little bit of control on the date. You want to go somewhere that showcases the real you at your finest not a sports bar or that club you went to once that shattered your eardrums. Generally avoid places where you’ll have to shout your every word, quite frankly it gets exhausting.
Play With Your Phone you’re supposed to be looking sultry, gazing into his eyes and pretending your listening to him lie about how he loves his job not tweeting Will.I.Am! Don’t text either - if your teachers could see you doing it under the table at school your date can too, save it for the bathroom breaks.
Talk About Sex whether you’re a sex addict or just having some playful banter save it for the girls. Some guys love a promiscuous girl but why risk it? Whatever you’re looking for don’t portray yourself as one night stand material, as I said before you’re better than that! Leave a little mystery, making him wonder what you’re thinking will drive him potty – trust me!
Be Negative we’ve all had our fair share of dating horror stories but always stay open-minded if you go into a date with a negative attitude it’ll be over before it’s even begun. For every good date we have there are probably ten bad ones but that’s just the nature of the dating game and when the good one comes along it’s worth the wait. If the date isn’t going well early on don’t get fed up, you now have nothing to lose. Just enjoy it for what it is – a night out!
Get Wasted It’s fine to have a few drinks to take the edge off but know your limits. The last thing you need is your date getting dressed up only to be covered in your sick after yet another jaeger bomb. Remember the key is to always leave him wanting more not trying to make you someone else’s problem when you can’t stand up right.

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Ask Questions but not too many, it’s a date not a job interview. Show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know this person, you may even find that you have more in common than you first thought. Try to let things flow – no one likes an awkward silence!
Offer to Pay, But Never Ever Pay As tight as us guys can be at times a girl should never have to pay on a first date. I’m all for equality ladies but this is one occasion where it’s ok just to let us be a gentleman. On the other hand however, if he asks or suggests you pay this is where you hit him with whatever shoes you’ve chosen for the evening – he’s not the guy for you.
Relax I know it can be nerve-wracking but what’s the worst that can happen? As I’ve said before don’t over-think things this is just a drink, he’s not the dentist - what do you have to be nervous about?
Be Yourself the most obvious of clich├ęs I know, but it’s true. Pretending you’re something you’re not might be easy enough to do once but you’d be surprised how quickly that can spiral. Have faith that the real you is good enough for any man because the likelihood is that it’s true.
Kiss even if it’s just on the cheek. I know you ladies have different rules about kissing on the first date but I promise you guys won’t get the wrong impression of you if you do – so long as you’re not rolling around on the floor. But as I always say leave him wanting more so give him the best kiss of his life – for about three seconds. You won’t go far wrong.
Good Luck!
by Paul Thomas Bell

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