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The Perfect Romantic Massage to Turn Your Lover On

"This sounds like fun!"         -    Susan

The Perfect Romantic Massage to Turn Your Lover On

What better way to relax and turn your partner on at the same time than with a sensual massage that can lead to hotter, naughtier activities?

The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard professes to be the King of Foreplay and Penny seems to agree. We bet he knew how to use a sensual massage to prolong his foreplay. Here’s how you can give sensual massages to your partner, and maybe you’ll hook your own Penny to stay.
What comes to mind when you think of sensual massages? Gentle hands warmed with scented oils touching your skin, while lying on your stomach in a room filled with a relaxing, ambient tune? It makes you want to just succumb to the allures of utter relaxation, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t take a genius *or a brilliant physicist with a PhD* to realize that these are the same ingredients to a sensual night in bed with your partner.
Sensual massage is the art of giving pleasure, while allowing your partner to release the tensions of a hard day’s work or a stressful week. Moreover, it primes them for a sensual night with you, their caring and sensitive partner.
What you need for the perfect sensual massage experience
Before you embark in this sensual endeavour, you need to make sure you have everything that you need. To give the perfect sensual massage, you have to set the mood. That means getting the right music, setting the room ambience, choosing the oils, and preparing the bed.
The best music for a sensual massage
#1 Nature music is a staple in massage salons and spas. However, instead of using typical forest sounds, try one with ocean waves or rain sounds. Who hasn’t fantasized about having sex on the sand with the ocean waves providing the backdrop for their sexual abandon? With their eyes closed, your partner is sure to have this picture in mind.
#2 Spanish guitar music. If you think nature music is too cliché, try a little Spanish guitar music. It conjures visions of a dashing Spaniard with a silky voice, strumming a sexy acoustic guitar, while a sultry Spanish woman with golden tanned skin sways to the music. It is soothing but with a hint of passion, priming your partner to a passion-filled night with you.
#3 Tantric music. For a more direct approach, try sensual music designed especially for lovers like Tantric Heart. It’s a music collection inspired by the ancient tantric cultures of the east. It is sure to unleash the Tantric god or goddess in your partner.
Setting up the room for a sensual massage
If you’re giving the massage in the bedroom, get some scented candles to light up the room. If you’re wary about all that open flame, opt for scented oils warmed in an incense burner. Mix 3 parts of water with 1 part oil to maximize the scent. Choose from some warm scents like vanilla or rose or a combination of the two. You may also choose a soothing scent like mint. Throw some colored scarves over the light fixtures to give the room a warm glow. Make sure the room temperature is not too cold, but not so warm either. You want your session steamy, not your partner sweaty. 
Preparing the massage surface
Your bed can be the perfect setting for a sensual massage if you don’t want to kill the mood while switching rooms or positions when you get to the steamy part. However, if your bed is so soft that it yields to your weight easily, the floor next to your bed could be a good place to start with. Line the floor neatly with thick fluffy towels so your lover’s comfortable, and don’t worry about getting messy!
You may also opt to use a massage bed if one is available. Prepare a soft thin pillow so your partner can rest their head on it when they’re lying down. Make sure you have extra towels to cover the exposed parts you are not massaging. You want your partner warmed, not chilled.
The best oils to use for massaging your partner
Some people suggest using organic massage oils, such as almond oil or sandalwood oil. They are great for massages, as they feel luxurious on the skin and glides on easily. However, the downside to this is that most organic oils can cause latex condoms to weaken and break. They can also upset the sensitive Ph balance inside the vagina, causing unpleasant reactions.
For a perfect sensual massage, use “body safe” massage oils. These are massage oils that can double as lubricants, perfect for what you have in mind for later. Choose one with a thinner consistency for a smoother glide, but one with silicone or glycerin, so they do not dry out quickly. Some oils also have a cooling or warming effect, which can be nice to experiment with. Just remember, a little goes a long way.
How to give the ultimate sensual massage
Giving a perfect sensual massage can be daunting for beginners with no massage experience. I would suggest you get a regular massage first to know the basic motions, such as rubbing and kneading, as well as what motions work for certain areas of the body.
Nonetheless, what’s important when giving a sensual massage is keeping in touch with your partner’s reactions, what motions work for them, what makes them sigh with pleasure, and what intensity they feel comfortable with.
#1 Head massage. A head massage is a perfect introduction to the sensual treat you have prepared for them. Stripped down, lying on their stomach with only a towel covering them, it can be nerve-wracking for a partner you haven’t been intimate with. The head massage will make them forget any misgivings they may have had at first.
With their head on a pillow and facing up, start rubbing the temples in a circular motion. From the forehead, apply gentle pressure towards the scalp, like combing their hair with your fingers. Do this for about a minute, then move on to the other side. You can also run your fingers gently, applying some pressure towards the nape and the neck, as a precursor for the back and shoulder massage. 
#2 Back and shoulder massage. Apply some oil on your hand and warm it, before rubbing it on your partner’s back. Start with the middle of the shoulders, below the nape. Rub your partner’s back from the middle, towards the shoulders. Drizzle a few drops of oil on their back, so your hands can glide against their back sensually, without sacrificing pressure.
Move your hands along their back, and experiment with a few Shiatsu strokes from the top of their back to the bottom. It’s an easy move to slide your hands along your lover’s back, but you’ll soon see that this simple move can turn out to be one of the most sensual and yet relaxing moves. Get on top of your partner and sit down gently on their lower back or their butt, so you can reach out everywhere without uncomfortable stretches. Bonus: If you’re a man, your partner gets to feel your bulging cock as you massage them. Scorching hot, right?
#3 Legs and arms massage. While they’re still lying on their stomach, massage the arms by gently stroking the muscles. Focus on the hands, particularly the palms and the fingers. When massaging the legs, move your hands softly in circular motions, paying more attention to the thighs and the calves.
Don’t forget to massage the feet as these are easily the most stressed part of the body. Massage the heels, toes, and the pads of their feet. Be gentle, but not too gentle as you might end up tickling them.
#4 Buttocks massage. This is when it gets a little steamy. From the legs, work your hands up to their butt. Circle your palms against their butt cheeks as you spread the sensual oils all around. With your palms on the butt, work your hands around in circular motions. Lightly knead the buttocks and press it upwards. Make sure to apply slight pressure only, as this can be painful.
To test the waters, ever-so-lightly graze a finger in between the buttocks towards the dip on the back. If they don’t tell you to mind your fingers, then they’re ready for the next stage.
#5 Sensual massage as foreplay. Have them lie on their back with their head lying on your lap, as you sit facing their feet. Start with a few circular motions on the temples, then gently stroke the nape towards the scalp. Comb the hair from the back of the head towards you, with your fingers, applying a bit of pressure. Lightly stroke the neck and the nape.
From the sides of the chest, make gentle upward strokes towards the underarm and arching towards the top of the breast *not the nipples* or the chest area and the cleavage. You don’t want to go directly towards the nipples. Instead, build anticipation and focus on the areas surrounding the breasts, as well as the stomach area. Be gentle!
Lightly massage the hips and the sides of the waist. Make gentle stroking motions instead of kneading, then massage the breasts, gently kneading them. Your partner should be writhing in pleasure by now. Top with a kiss on the nipples and a gentle finger graze in between the lips of her vagina, and… Well surely, you don’t need me to give you directions from here! 

A sensual massage need not be as long as an hour to have the desired effect. A 10-minute rubdown, if done correctly, can send your partner into relaxation heaven, primed and eager to engage in a sensual adventure with their Tantric sex god or goddess: YOU.

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