Friday, 7 March 2014

Cough Drops (for her pleasure)

cough drops

Cough Drops (for her pleasure)

The cold season may be behind us but don’t put those mentholated cough drops away just yet. You will need them for this fun little oral sex technique that will surely drive your gal to yodel – “REEEEECOLA!”

During foreplay, take one mentholated cough drop and insert into your mouth. Swirl it around making sure to rub the tip of your tongue on it. While waiting for the cough drop to partially dissolve, place lush kisses on her belly, her hips, around her bikini area and her inner thighs.

After a few minutes, with the candy still in your mouth, begin gently licking her honey pot. Be sure to pay special attention to her clitoris. She will soon begin to feel both the hot and cool sensation of the menthol as it absorbs into her genital area. For increased stimulation, try alternating between licking and softly blowing on her clitoral region. The blowing re-activates the cooling properties of the menthol which provides the woman with a most delicious sensation. Indulge until the cough drop completely dissolves…or she does.

Women claim that different brands of cough drops deliver varying degrees of stimulation so feel free to experiment with a variety of brands and flavours or simply make your own. (See recipe here) ♥
Word of Warning: Use caution while performing this technique.You don’t want to accidentally swallow the candy and choke!

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