Tuesday 10 September 2013

8 Things in 18 Months and I Love Life...

8 Things in 18 Months and I Love Life...

I have to be the luckiest guy around. I didn't always know that but today again it hit me. It probably dawned on me before but today my eyes got opened again.

Why I say that is because right now I have exactly what I want. Maybe not everything I think I wanted but where I am is a revelation in itself. Here is a list of things I love about life right now.

Unique Old Hunstanton, England
  1. I have a great girl as my partner and soulmate. She actually comes booming close to actually knowing the way I think (or don't think...remember I'm a guy after all).
  2. We've known each other for 18 months nearly, live together in a beautiful part of England by the sea. We've NEVER had a heated argument ever though that's not to say I have been the perfect dude, no. Just to say even my stupidity has meant we felt the need to argue about it. After what good would that do?
  3. We are both into positive thinking and self development and do our best to forward think our life together. Doesn't mean we are perfect. In fact it means quite the opposite we aware that we aren't perfect and what we need to work more on. 
  4. Due to the our positivity and support of each other that after my mother died in at June I was easily able to carry on respectful and grateful at being the son of the greatest mother a son or daughter could ever want. Miss her yes, but I know she did her very best in everything she did and so no regrets or grieving is necessary. I experienced her tremendous strength in faith and character on the night she passed away, defying all medical knowledge and staying alive though in virtual coma until all her children and grandchildren that we able to be by her bedside got to her before gently passing away holding on to tenaciously for 24 hours later and just 15 minutes after my daughter arrived to take her hand for the last time.
    beautiful seaside jogs
  5. I have a great relationship with my Dad. He's on his own now (except his new cat Mickey) and really appreciates my visits and we are able to communicate and spend time in the best of ways.
  6. I am now in better physical condition now than I have ever been in my entire life. Living by the sea I have the perfect place and excuse to go running and keep fit. No, I'm not kidding. 2 weeks ago I trained at an athletics club in south London and performed brilliantly, even better than everyone there expected and to a certain extent better than even I'd thought possible. Just 18 months ago, just about a week before I met my girlfriend I'd go to the same club and ran a 3rd leg of a 4 x 800 metres relay and so badly tore my hamstring that the doctors couldn't even find it in my leg. Now I can not only walk but run at speed. Read more here http://www.empowernetwork.com/colinjrob/blog/in-the-arena/
  7. I'm a the owner of a thriving Online Dating Website Fish2Fish which I will shortly be launching to the States... I love America and Americans so really look forward to helping singles out there to find success and happiness there too.
  8. I have my own online marketing business which I love as the training available is second to none and I'm learning so much while making money online for the first time. Learn as you earn just work! See SuperBusinessEasy.co.uk
Right I'm going to stop there or you'll all hate me but only to say take a strong look at the link for SuperBusinessEasy.co.uk as like myself I have seen so many people that are making money that have tried other things but only now here making money online first time. 

The Dream is Real...

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