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It's time to embrace your sexy side. If you've been holding back in bed, we're willing to bet your guy wishes you weren't. In fact, we have a pretty good idea of what he'd like you to be doing. While it's not all about him, there are a few things you can do that will make him crazy (in a good way) and at the same time make things much more enjoyable for you. Read on to find out how to enhance your time between the sheets.
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If the movies are any indication, as soon as we slide into bed with someone, both parties know exactly what to do for an instant-orgasm and a great time in bed. While this scenario isn't unheard of, it's also not the norm. Just like you want to please him, he's hoping that you like whatever it is he's doing, and if you're not, he wants to know what he should be doing instead. Guys like it when you're as involved in the proceedings as they are and are willing to speak up if need be.

It's all in how you tell a guy what you want. Rather than saying "I don't like that," be more of a director instead, leading him towards the experience that will get you the most pleasure. Guys like when you know what you want and have the confidence to express it.


Quiet in bed? Try turning up the volume and see how much your man likes what he hears. We're not suggesting you fake it or put on some sort of cheesy act for him, but if you're enjoying yourself, we say tell him. He'll love that you're open and relaxed enough to voice your satisfaction, and chances are, it will turn him on even more. Being vocal in bed isn't a necessity, but you can bet that when you do choose to speak up during sex, he won't be complaining about it.


We asked a few of our paired up guy pals about what they most wish their girlfriends would do in bed. While some were wholly satisfied with their sex lives (wouldn't change anything), the ones that thought there was room for improvement really wanted their partners to lose their inhibitions and body hang-ups and let loose in bed without fear of looking or sounding unattractive. Let's face it – sex is messy and sloppy and unpredictable, so if you can allow yourself to revel in the passion without worrying about what he thinks, you and your guy will be much happier.

"I love when my girlfriend can be totally relaxed in bed," said one 34-year-old high school teacher we spoke to. "I hate when she seems distracted in bed or just not completely comfortable. It takes away from the experience."


Not every position, toy or fantasy is for everyone. We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, but we're willing to bet your guy wouldn't mind if you wanted to shake things up in the sack by trying something new. Even if your sex life is fantastic, it can still be fun to experiment with different things – whether it's role-play, different seduction techniques or simply having sex at a different time of day than usual. You never know what might make what you have even better. Most guys we polled liked it when their partner was open minded about sex and willing to go outside the usual routine.

Trying new things is a great way to avoid falling into a sexual rut. Ruts are easy to fall into but much harder to get out of.

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