Tuesday 17 September 2013

I Need Space - What Does This Really Mean?

I Need Space - What Does This Really Mean?

If your lover tells you that they "need space", the actual meaning can differ depending upon the level of your relationship. Naturally, if you are unclear on what they are trying to say, direct communication is the best way to uncover their true feelings. If you find this difficult, I can help you better understand what this means to your relationship and how do handle your situation without driving your lover even further away.
What Does I Need Space Really Mean? 
When your lover says I need space it could be their way of ending the relationship. I need space could mean exactly that. Your lover may genuinely need some space because they are feeling suffocated in the relationship, or may simply need a little time to get their head together. We all need a little space from time to time. By being open and supportive of their wishes, your lover will see how confident you are in the relationship and may be more willing to share their feelings openly. On the contrary, if you come off being needy and insecure, they may close up--or could even choose to end the relationship permanently.

Men and women view relationships differently. A relationship takes top priority to a women and they tend to put a large amount of energy into it. The same applies to a guy--although men tend to compartmentalize things. So while their relationship may be top priority, it is only top priority in the relationship category. This means that men have multiple top-priorities that need time. So if your guy is asking for more space, it may be for the other things he likes doing, besides the things he likes doing with you.
What To Do If Your Ex Communicates That They Need Space 

When an ex says I need space, they mean it and whatever the reason they choose to breakup, they may realize that life without you is not better than life WITH you. For your ex to miss you and regret your break up, they need to have a true taste of what life without really means. In other words, SPACE! This means no calls, no texts, no "accidental" meetings... no contact what so ever.

Moving On With Your Life 
After your breakup wear a smile and get on with your life. Your ex will hear positive things about you--how you look great, how happy you seem and that you're actually moving on without them. Perhaps they will see it themselves if you happen to meet, in which case smile--no need to be unfriendly--and get on with whatever you are doing. When you look your best, act your best and your ex gets to hear about it, they will think and remember good things about you. This is a great step in the right direction.

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Expect a Call! 
If you are not sitting around waiting for their return your ex will realize you are busy and happy in your own life. Not only have they lost you, there's a good chance they could lose you forever. One way or another, at some time or another, how they feel about this will hit home. And it's then you can expect a call. So, stay friendly, keep smiling, but give your ex space when they ask for it.

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