Friday 3 October 2014

Women Get To Decide In Sexual Pairing


Women Get To Decide In Sexual Pairing

In the game of love and life, science shows that women are more likely to choose same age or slightly older partners. This is bad news for those who prefer older women, according to recent findings published in "Women's and Men's Sexual Preferences and Activities with Respect to the Partner's Age: Evidence of Female Choice" was published on Science Direct.
Finland, who attested to the convention of heterosexual relationships where a man is usually older than a woman. However, on the other hand, researchers also found that men under the age of 20 and above 30 preferred women in their mid-20s.
"We found that women are interested in same-aged to somewhat older men and that this pattern displays itself across the measured life-span and that men show a tendency to be sexually interested in women in their mid-20s. This tendency was also notable when the men themselves were younger or older than this age," the researchers noted, in a news release.
In similar instances, many dating activities are also more likely to cater to women's interests than men's.
"We found that sexual activity more closely mimics women's than men's sexual interest. We conclude that women show larger developmental plasticity than men with regard to the desired object's age and that men's heterosexual activity likely is constrained by female choice," indicating that, in some instances, men are unlikely to have sex with their ideal partners.
In conclusion, based on an evolutionary standpoint, many men who preferred to partner with women in the mid-20s age bracket may have had more children than other men, explaining this predisposition.

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