Wednesday 15 July 2015

How to Date a Bisexual Woman [From Her]

How to Date a Bisexual Woman [From Her]

by Maya Jordan

When a guy first discovers that his lady is bisexual, he may feel the need to shout it from the rooftops'. Feeling triumphant and experiencing the likelihood of his fantasies realized, our misguided man may decided to encourage a threesome or some other such experience that incorporates another woman into the equation. Resist the urge, It is a major mistake.

I 'll tell you why.

Speaking from personal experience, will say that in order to snag a bisexual woman you need to be pretty darn open-minded. If you are to succeed in capturing her attention above all other men AND women, she needs to perceive that you are extremely flexible in your approach and assumptions.

Here are some of the pitfalls of dating a bisexual woman to avoid at all costs:

1 Earnestness

Or in other words, getting overly eager. Many guys want to ask a million questions about sexual positions she's engaged in with other woman, whether their lady prefers tits or ass, and who they are most attracted to amongst their mutual female friends. Keep your cool by keeping your earnestness to yourself.

2 Sharing Your Porn Collection

Don't even go there. This is such a faux par it has me gasping for air. Keep you Porn Hub favourites to yourself unless she is an enthusiast, like myself ( trust me, she'll announce it if she is) And even if you share an adult film don't make it lesbian themed. She's with your for a distinct reason = you bring the cock. That's what she wants right now otherwise she'd be with a woman.

3 Saying You Eat Pussy Better than a Woman

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This one always makes me laugh until I cry I cannot tell you how many times a guy has told me he can eat pussy better than any woman after I made my sexual disclosure. I assure you guys you cannot, I've experienced both and your're not even close. Having the same lady parts makes us a bit more familiar with how they operate so we are a distinct advantage. Respect the advantage and don't make both statements that negate her prior sexual experience

4 "Bisexual" does not equate with "threesome in your future"

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Don't assume that she's willing to go up the lovely little ladder to the thain, maybe not. Keep your cool and remember, treating omen likereesome heaven. She's bisexual not polyamorous. Dont get it twisted son. Might she indulge you on your birthday with a nice little present in the shape of another girls vagina? Possibly. But then again maybe not. Keep your cool and remember, treating women like sex objects does not make them want to sleep with you.

5 Gossiping

It’s hilarious to me how guys gossip just as much as women, albeit in a different fashion. You know how you used to send your best friend boob pics of that new chick you banged? Don’t do that with your bisexual girlfriend by sharing her little secret with your buddies. Her sexual identity isn’t your opportunity to strut your stuff. Earn her confidence by keeping her sexuality to yourself.

6 “Bisexual” does not equate with “Indiscriminate

Assuming that she’s gone on twice as many dates as you due to her sexual identity is a losing strategy. Just because a woman is bisexual does not mean that she’ll sleep with anything that’s male or female. As a bisexual woman, I still have a “type.” Just because she’s bisexual does not mean that she’s a slut.

7 Regaling Her with Stories of Your Bi Girlfriend in College

Your girlfriend’s sexual orientation is well-thought out and organized according to her fundamental wants and needs. She is not going through a “phase” in order to “wind up straight.” Bisexuality is a sexual orientation on its own. Is women’s sexuality fluid? Most definitely. But it is up to the woman to label herself as straight, gay, or bi. You could be a man who sleeps with other men who doesn’t consider himself “gay.” Being “gay” is a label just as being “bi” is.

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So those are the pitfalls to avoid when you’re dating a bisexual female. Play it  cool, you want to appear like you’re pretty open-minded. Remember if she ends up with one gender that doesn't mean she's not still attracted to multiple genders.  If a bisexual woman marries a man, she's still bisexual.. If she marries a woman still bisexual. She didn't  finally pick the side she wanted to be on.  She married someone she loves who happens to be one particular gender 

She is with you because she wants to be, she likes you.  Don't forget like you she is a human being so treat her like one.

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