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How to Attract Men: 15 Ways

How to Attract Men: 15 Ways

Every woman wants to be noticed. If you’re looking for the best ways to attract men, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 15 great ways to capture the attention of the entire room- without being sleazy or obnoxious.

1. Confidence is Key


You’ve probably heard this over a million times, but only because it’s the absolute truth: there is nothing more attractive than confidence. Even if you think your nose is larger than it should be or your thighs aren’t as toned as you’d like, nobody will notice if you walk into the room and own it. They won’t see your flaws, only your shining confidence that leaves you with a smile on your face. And trust me, men won’t notice anything wrong about you. They’ll be too busy checking out all of your best features as you strut proudly across the floor. Ladies, wherever you go and whoever you’re with, always bring your confidence with you. It’s truly a life changer and the number ONE way to attract a man.

2. Dress Up Your Figure


We all have something we love about ourselves. Maybe you’ve got a set of perfectly perky breasts that completes a low cut v-neck magnificently or maybe you’ve got a gorgeously flat stomach that craves a crop top. Whatever it is, buy and wear clothes that accentuate your good qualities while downplaying the others. This will not only help grab men’s attention, but also give you an extra boost of confidence.

3. Keep it Classy 


However, just because you have a butt like Kim Kardashian, it doesn’t mean you should walk around in the smallest booty shorts you can find. Surely that might get you some attention from the guys, but it will be the wrong type of attention that gets you nowhere in the long run. When picking out your clothes, remember to keep it classy, cute, and modest. You know the old term “leave something to the imagination”. That phrase still holds true today and should be something we all keep in mind during our shopping trips. To help you out, here’s a few examples of clothes men absolutely love:
Anything form fitting, such as a body contouring dress.
-Jeans that fit well. (doesn’t have to be skinny jeans, but nothing that’s baggy or loose).
-Summer skirts and dresses that show some leg.
-High heels no taller than 4 inches.

4. The Right Amount of Makeup


A lot of girls think you need to pack on the makeup. Foundation, concealer, blush, powder, eyeliner, mascara- the list goes on and on. But when you ask a man what they is the most attractive, almost any guy will tell you less is more. They want to see your natural beauty, not some fake, drawn on face women think is perfection. Men don’t want plastic perfection. They want a real woman. Keep your makeup to a minimum, and try to do the natural look as much as possible. Dress up your makeup when the time is right, for instance hot red lipstick with your tiny black dress on date night in the city.

5. A Beautiful Scent


Nothing captures a man’s attention more than a beautiful scent, right? If you really want to know how to attract a man, spray on some of your best smelling perfume and they’ll be drawn to your delicious scent. Plus it makes for a great conversation starter. He might just want to get closer to you and know a bit more about what you are wearing…and who you are.

6. A Smile Goes a Long Way


So we have two of the biggest things listed already: confidence and perfume. But what’s another important piece of the puzzle? A smile. Men are incredibly attracted to a smiling woman and love when a lady can light up the room just with a simple look like this. If you are trying to attract a specific man around you, make sure you flash him plenty of smiles, whether they are the flirty smiles with teasing eyes or full fledged big smiles that show you’re interested.

7. Make Eye Contact

The eyes are incredibly powerful, and as some say, are the windows to the soul. And that’s why making elongated eye contact with the man you are interested in is so heavily important. However, you don’t just want to stare at him in a creepy way for several minutes. When it comes to eye contact, make it sensual. Give him the ‘I want you’ seductive eye contact that will pull him in. You’d be surprised how quickly a man will run over to greet you just by flashing him your eyes every now and then. He won’t be able to look away from those mysterious brown eyes, those elegant emerald green eyes, or those passionate blue ones.


8 Touchy Flirty

Let’s say you’re talking to a guy and he says some silly joke. You giggle a bit and touch his arm and say, “You’re so funny”. That simple little touch of the arm- that, my friends, drives men absolutely insane. They love it, and they can’t get enough of it. Your soft touch against their skin sends shivers down their spine and makes their stomachs turn into a butterfly factory. Ladies, if you want to attract a man (and give him a bit of nervous and intrigued chills in the meantime), do a bit of playful touching while talking and flirting. It’s simply a recipe for success.

9. Be Easy-Going and Natural

This could go both ways. After all, who wants to hold a conversation with someone who is frigid and nervous? This only leads to an awkward time that both parties wish they could get out of. If you want to attract him AND keep his attention, be relaxed and easy going. Be completely calm during your interaction with the guy, even if you feel like you are about to explode on the inside. This easy-going and natural nature will come across as confidence to him, which will in turn intrigue him and make him attracted to you. If the conversation flows easily, why would he want to stop it?

10. Show Him Your Silly Side


Men love it- and I mean LOVE it- when a woman can make them smile. It’s one of those things that every guy looks for, and once they find it they cherish it like gold. It’s one of the most attractive things you can do, and is definitely something you should do often. Yes, it’s okay and completely normal to have serious conversations. But during casual conversations, you should certainly have a silly joke or a funny remark to make him smile. He’ll enjoy it so much he won’t want to stop talking to you!

11. ..And Your Smart, Sophisticated Side


On the other hand, don’t be silly 100 percent of the time. This can come across as annoying and immature. Sure you want to make him laugh every now and then, but just as you want to make him laugh, you should also want to make him think. Show him your intelligent side. After all, you are a sophisticated woman with an education under your belt, and no man wants to be with a ditzy girl that doesn’t know a thing. Show him you are a smart girl with her head on her shoulders and he’ll be instantly drawn to you.

12. Don’t Be Needy

You know those guys who are constantly trying to talk to you, bugging you when to hang out, and sad when they can’t see you for more than 3 hours? Yeah, me too. And nobody likes that type of person. When it comes to attracting men, one thing is for sure: don’t be needy. Needy personalities are a HUGE turn off for men. They want a woman who is secure in herself and doesn’t need a man to be happy. And if you’re begging for his attention, you appear as just the opposite. Show him you’re an independent woman who would love to have him around, but doesn’t necessarily need him to survive- it’ll keep him intrigued and wanting you even more.

13. Be Positive


Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with someone who is constantly negative? They are mad when it’s sunny, mad when it’s raining. They have a negative comment about every movie you watch, and never want to hang out with anyone because they are annoying or boring. We all know those people, and let’s face it: we don’t like hanging out with them, let alone talking to them. That being said, how do you think you are supposed to attract a man with all that negativity? Sure some things must have a negative reaction. But for the most part, you should be positive and uplifting. Men are drawn to an uplifting lady as she will be able to encourage him and uplift him in the future (if a relationship does transpire). This all roots back to the smile: even when you’re having a bad day, keep a smile on your face and try to be positive. It really works wonders!

14. Show Signs of Interest

If you don’t act interested, why would any man want to come and talk to you, let alone keep a conversation going with you? There are many different ways to act interested in another person. Here are some simple ways to show signs of interest:
-Make plenty of eye contact, both before and during conversation. Just remember to break contact every now and then to avoid looking creepy.
-Lean in forward, showing that you are interested and engaged in the conversation. Sitting back in your chair or standing away from someone shows that you are not interested in the conversation at hand- and that’s what we are trying to avoid.
-Smile plenty. Before the conversation, flash him several smiles. During the conversation, try to keep a small smile on your face at all times and laugh at his jokes.
-During the conversation, ask questions and put in your comments as much as possible. This shows that you are listening to him and want to be a part of the conversation. It also shows that you have a mind of your own and have your own set of thoughts and opinions about different topics.
-Going back to our touchy flirty tip, again I remind you to do plenty of soft touching during the conversation. This is a very obvious sign you are interested in him and enjoy getting close to him.

15. Embrace Your Feminine Side


Men like cute, flirty, and feminine girls. Why? Because they are supposed to be the strong ones. They are supposed to be manly and aggressive. They are supposed to be the big protectors that guard dainty woman from danger. It is engraved in their minds, and has been since the early days. You don’t have to act like a hopeless, frail person to grab a man’s attention. You should, however, embrace your dainty and feminine side as much as possible. For instance, even if you could open that jar of pickles, just ask the man to do it anyways. They love it. Even if you’re a kick boxer and could easily take out any man, wear a cute dress and a lovely smile in public to attract men.

It’s easier than you think to attract a man. Enter the room with a beautiful smile on your face, always stay positive, and don’t forget to dress yourself up with cute clothes and a dash of amazing smelling perfumes. Keep the conversation going by acting interested, being silly every once and awhile, and showing him you are a elegant, sophisticated, and totally adorable woman who simply can’t be resisted.
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