Friday 10 July 2015

Online Dating Beauty Tips: Men Share Thoughts On The Hair & Makeup They Like On Women

Online Dating Beauty Tips: Men Share Thoughts On The Hair & Makeup They Like On Women

Ever wonder what goes into nailing your look for a great first date? Revlon and online dating site Zoosk partnered up for a recent survey to shed some light on what the opposite sex thinks makes for a true first date beauty. Fellow women got to weigh in and share their thoughts too.

Pucker Up In Color.

When it comes to grabbing a man's attention, a bold lip is the way to go! 44% of men feel a woman is sexy, while 41% say she is ultra-confident if she wears red lipstick on a date.

Ladies agree with a statement lip as their go-to date night lip color at 47%. Looking to snag a first date kiss? 57% of men say they will go in for a smooch if a woman is wearing a bright shade of lipstick because they'll be staring at the puckery shade all night long.

Makeup is Appreciated.

While women love to get dolled up, 60% of men say they prefer a woman to use makeup to highlight only her best features.

In fact, putting in a little extra time to look good on a date doesn't go unnoticed, as 65% of men say they can tell when a woman puts time into her date look and feel she wants to look good for them.

Au Naturale is Preferred. 

We all know the importance of a first impression and selecting a profile picture is the crucial online equivalent when looking for love on the web. 78% of women say choosing a photo where their makeup look is light and natural works better, compared to 14% who pick an ultra-glam look.

Men (86%) agree and say they are more likely to click on a woman's profile when her photo shows more of a girl-next-door look.

Blondes or Brunettes?

Women (64%) think that when it comes to attraction, men are most attracted to blondes, compared to brunettes and redheads. However, 61% of men say that brunettes are the ones they find most approachable when it comes to dating. 

Got any dating beauty rules you swear by? Tell us with a note below!

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