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25 Beliefs Every Man Needs to Have About Women and Life

25 beliefs every man needs to have about women and life

25 Beliefs Every Man Needs to Have About Women and Life  by  Sebastian Harris

What do you believe in? I am sure you believe in something. Every man does. The only problem is that a lot of men in today’s day and age believe in things that are completely wrong and that are in no way beneficial to their personal development.

We live in a time in which the mainstream media does everything they can to pull men and women apart. We live in a time in which women are conditioned to believe that men are nothing but disposable ATMs. We live in a time in which you are a hero when you make fun of men and a villain if you make the same joke about women.

Even though it is understandable that this development led to a community of men who decide to live their life without women, I wouldn’t say that a life without women and without any love and sex is a life worth living.

In order to live a happy and fulfilled life we men need women, whether we accept it or not. I have never met a guy who was truly fulfilled in his life, who hadn’t had at least one beautiful woman in his life. You deserve an amazing life and you deserve gorgeous women.

What’s the secret to a happy life and successful relationships with women? Instead of believing all the negative things that our society wants you to believe, it is time to believe the things that have the power to transform your life into a never-ending adventure.

1. Life is Full of Possibilities
Some women will reject you. So what? Some people will become jealous and hateful as soon as you become successful. So what? We live in a world that makes it so easy to bring other people down, but we also live in a world of endless possibilities.

Due to the fact that you are reading this article I simply assume that you have an electronic device that allows you to open websites and that you have a working internet connection. Congratulations, you are not homeless and you have even enough money to buy luxury products, such as laptops or smartphones.

You can do whatever you want with your life. A poor Filipino street child who will never be able to read this article doesn’t have the same possibilities as you have.

2. Happiness Comes From Within

Are you ready for the shocking truth? A woman can never make you happy. Having amazing women in your life can increase your happiness level, but only if you were already happy before.
Do you really think that a beautiful, emotionally healthy and self-confident woman wants to date a completely miserable guy? No, you can only attract the things or people into your life that your energy allows you to attract.

The sooner you accept that true happiness comes from within, the sooner you will be able to attract a woman who makes you even happier.

3. A Man Needs Women to Feel Like a Man

You can try to talk yourself into believing that you don’t need women in your life as much as you want, your subconscious mind will never believe you. We are biologically programmed to want sex and we only feel like real men once we had the pleasure to be inside a woman.

Stop lying to yourself and stop pretending that you don’t care when you see guys who have beautiful girlfriends. Admit that you also want to have beautiful women in your life and do everything in your power to learn how to seduce them.

4. Self-Confidence is Key

Before you go out and approach the first woman you have to work on your self-confidence. No expensive car, not fancy job title and no trophy girl can replace real self-confidence.

Developing self-confidence is absolutely essential if you want to become successful in anything in life. You need skills to become successful, but without the necessary self-confidence you will never try to become successful, even though you might have all the potential in the world.
If you come from a place of love, she will be a lot more willing to love you, than if you come from a place of anger, hate and resentment.

5. Loving Women is Important

Do you love women? The more comments I read on popular manoshpere blogs, the more I get the feeling that there are a lot of men out there who hate women. If you really hate women you will never have the seduction success you truly want.

You might be able to attract emotionally unstable girls with severe daddy issues but you won’t attract the fun and life-affirming women that are good for you. Women are very sensitive and the moment they see you they instantly feel where you come from.

6. I Have Feelings
Every man has feelings. Unfortunately, a lot of young guys are so brainwashed by this whole alpha movement that they start to believe that a strong man is a man without feelings. Just because you suppress your feelings and just because you pretend to be an emotionless rock, doesn’t mean that you are strong.

The truly strong men are the ones who accept their emotions and who are confident enough to show their vulnerable side to women. Accept that you have feelings and show them in an authentic way. This is way more attractive than walking around as the strong alpha man who doesn’t have any emotions.

7. Being Authentic is Better than Being Fake

There is a saying that women can fake orgasms but men can fake whole relationships. Even though I hate stereotypical sayings, I have to admit that this one is true. So many men try to impress women with things that they don’t have or with behavior that doesn’t represent who they really are.

You might be able to fake it for the first few dates, but if you end up in a relationship with a girl she will sooner or later find out who you really are. The moment she finds out that you pretended to be someone you are not is the moment she decides to leave you.

Be real, be authentic and you will attract the women who love you for who you are.

8. No One Cares About Me
“No one cares about me!”

How can this be a positive belief? I know that it sounds quite frustrating but accepting the fact that (nearly) nobody cares about you can be very liberating.

No one really cares if you are successful. That means you can finally stop caring what other people think and start your own business.

No one cares if you approach the women in the red dress or not. Your fears of being judged and being looked at are completely irrational. Nobody freaking cares. Walk up to her and say “hi”!
You can do whatever you want, because 99% of the people won’t even witness what you do.

9. Success Attracts Haters

Don’t quit, just because someone hates you for what you do. I write about foreign dating and seductionand if I would quit whenever someone tells me that he doesn’t like what I do, I would have given up on my dreams before I even started.

Success attracts haters.

As soon as you will have the slightest success in any area of your life, there will be people who are jealous and who will hate you for what you do. They only do this because you show them their own failure.

Letting those haters dictate your life will lead you straight into misery.

10. I Will Lose Friends

Do you know that you will lose friends?

Maybe I should formulate this question a little bit different.

Do you know that you will lose friends if you want to improve yourself?

A man like you, who wants to improve his dating life and his life in general, will lose one or two friends along the way. This is an inevitable process. Everyone has one or two people in his social circle who will try to put him down as soon as he tries to reach the top.
Get rid of those false friends and make some room for new friends.

11. I Will Get New Friends
Saying that it is lonely at the top is not really true. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the people who reached a certain level of success got rid of the negative people.

For every false friend you lose their will be two amazing new friends who enrich your life.

12. Women are Not Stupid
Image result for intelligent womanWhenever I talk about dating and seduction with a group of men, there is always one guy in the group who thinks that all women are stupid and naïve girls who can be tricked into bed so easily. It is not surprising that the same guy who says things like that is the one who has no girlfriend.
Women are not stupid.

In fact, when it comes to emotional intelligence and being aware of emotional conditions, they are often better than us. Sorry guys, but that’s the truth. If you still think that women are stupid, you should probably rethink why you always end up dating the dumb girls.

13. Unhappy Women Make Me Unhappy
Stay away from emotionally unstable women. If you disregard this advice I can guarantee you that you will end up miserable. I know from my own experience how life-sucking it is to be together with a depressed and anxious woman.

I even have someone in my social circle who is together with a woman who can only survive the day with the right dose of antidepressants. Do your emotional, financial and your physical health a favor and stay away from those women.

14. I Only Take Advice from People Who Have Done What I Want to Do

When I made the decision to overcome my fears and to seduce amazing women, I was so enthusiastic about this topic, that I asked friends and family for advice. Back then I had no experience with women and I was stupid enough to believe in the advice they gave me.

Today I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. No matter what you want to accomplish, only ask people for advice who have already done what you want to do. You also wouldn’t ask a homeless person how to become a millionaire.

15. Women Love Sex

Women are innocent little angels who only use sex to end up in relationships, right? Wrong!
Women love sex. If you don’t believe me, look at a female body. Women have a clitoris and the only reason why this thing exists is because it allows them to feel sexual pleasure.

The belief that women only use sex to end up in a relationship is one of the biggest misbeliefs in the history of dating advice. Women love sex. They love it with strangers, in open relationship and sometimes even in monogamous relationship, at least when they are together with a man who knows how to satisfy them.

16. Women are Attracted to Dominant Leaders
In case you live in a Western country you have probably heard that every woman should be in a leadership position. Well, even if you are dating a woman who leads a team of ten people at work, she for sure doesn’t want to be the leader in the relationship with you.

Don’t be one of those guys who believe that just because a woman is independent and dominant at work, she also wants to be dominant in bed. The happiest relationships are the ones where the dominant male energy and the submissive female energy are in balance.

Women want dominant men who have leadership qualities. Don’t be afraid to lead her in the bedroom, just because she leads people at work.

17. Most Women are Constantly Horny and Lonely
When I started with approaching women I believed that I would offend girls by giving them direct compliments and that I would disturb them with my approach. I was so wrong.
The more women I approached, the more I realized that they nearly always smiled when I told them that they were beautiful and that a lot of the girls who were single were happy to put their number into my phone.

I once had a date with a model who told me that she hadn’t had sex in five months. Believe it or not but the most beautiful women are very lonely and extremely horny. Do them a favor and approach them.

18. I am What I Do

Who are you? To a certain extent you are what you do. If you are wasting your precious time in front of the TV eating chocolate cake, you are a lazy guy who probably won’t attract amazing women into his life.

If you, however, spend your time with traveling, working on interesting projects and doing what you really love to do, you are an attractive man who is able to effortlessly attract women.

19. Porn is Poison
Do you feel like a real man when you hold your dick in your hand while you are watching one porn movie after another? Do you feel satisfied when you ejaculate in a tissue paper while you are watching another guy having sex with a hot girl?

Porn is poison and it destroys your motivation to meet women and it can be a major reason for social anxiety. Quit watching other guys having sex with women and start overcoming your fears, so that you can have sex with real women.

20. I Date Who I Want
What if some people think that you are a sex tourist because you are dating an Asian girl? Who cares!

What if some people think that you are a weirdo because you are dating an older woman? Who cares!

Don’t let other people tell you who you should date. No matter what someone else says, it is your choice if you want to date Asian, white, or black women and it is your choice if you are looking for girls who are ten years older or ten years younger than you.

21. I Date How I Want

Unfortunately, there are still some people who will stare at you like a deer that stares into headlights, when you tell them that you don’t live in a traditional monogamous relationship.
I am in an open relationship with an amazing woman and I am still traveling the world in search of unforgettable sexual experiences. I know what it means to get judged for the relationship model that I prefer.

As long as you and the girl you are with agree upon the relationship model you want to live in, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think about you.

Monogamy, open relationships or no relationship at all…it is your choice.

22. If I Don’t Do It Now I’ll Regret it Later

One day I will get out of my toxic relationship!

One day I will travel the world and experience incredible adventures!

One day I will overcome all my fears and seduce the women I always dream of!

For most people this magical one day will never come. Don’t make the same mistake. Do what you want to do and do it now.

23. Life is too Short to Dance with Fat Chicks

Besides achieving certain things, your main goal in life is most likely happiness and fulfillment. I already said that having women in your life is essential if you want to feel as a real man, but what’s even more important is that you have the right women in your life.

Ending up in bed or in a relationship with a girl who you are neither physically nor emotionally attracted to won’t bring you any fulfillment. Always remember life is to short to dance with the fat chicks..

24. I am Responsible for my Own Life

There is only one person who is responsible for your life and this person is you. Neither your parents, nor your teachers are responsible for your life.

You are the only person who can make yourself happy and you are the only one who can make all the important choices that either lead your life in the right direction or in the wrong direction.

25. I Always Have two Choices

You always have two choices in life. No matter which situation you are in, you can either do something to improve yourself, or you can stay the way you are.

You can either decide to learn how to seduce women and eventually end up with the girl of your dreams, or you can decide to not do anything and to waste one year after another.

All you have to do to achieve everything you want is to make a simple decision.

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