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Millennial Matchmaking: Online Options Complicate Love

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Millennial Matchmaking: Online Options Complicate Love 


LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Date night in America. Seems simple, right? Meet someone you like, decide to spend more time together and maybe even fall in love.
But dating has become a lot more complicated for millennials.
The players are the same, single men and women looking for someone to spend time with, but the game has changed.
Millennials aren't settling down as quickly as other generations and they say a lot of it has to do with technology.
"Our way of living is completely different,” Shelly King, 33, said.
"Everything is just so casual,” Greg Posley, 30, said.
"It's fun until you're done,” Jennifer Williams, 26, said.
Ask most single men and women in their 20s to early-30s and they'll likely tell you, “The dating world sucks."
It's never been easy to find that perfect match, but now it's even more complicated.
"There's so many different ways to meet people now that I feel like you just keep looking and looking,” Williams said.
With online dating sites and apps, available men and women, are just a click away.
Relationships that start behind a screen, sometimes continue that way.
"Instead of talking face-to-face, choose to have an in-depth conversation over text message, instead of face-to-face which can obviously get misinterpreted because you can't hear tone on text,” King said.
"You're going to eventually get to wedding proposals on Facebook. That's the way it is going it looks like,” Posley said.
For singles it gets frustrating.
"I went out on a lot of first dates. A lot,” Williams said.
"It seems like every woman I run into is married, or if they are single, they don't want a relationship,” Posley said.
"Every relationship I've been in, it's always been communication where the problem has been,” King said.
Amanda Rose is a matchmaker. Every day she sees the trouble millennials are having.
"We can swipe and get like 20 dates at once, but then we're always constantly thinking, 'What's the next best thing?' So we just keep swiping,” Rose said.
Rose sets clients up based on personality and lifetime goals. 
"Talk them through what to expect when dating and to look for those long lasting relationship qualities versus the short term pleasure qualities,” Rose said.
Their dating styles are different, but millennials still want what most people want.
"I want to be proud to be with the person I'm with and I want him to be proud of me, too,” Williams said.
"Honesty, someone that's upbeat and has a sense of humor,” Posley said.
"Just a good person, and they have to be somebody who is giving, too. Like, they have to be somebody with a good heart,” King said.
If they don't get it right away they'll most likely just try again with someone else.
"If by the end of the date I have no desire to kiss him, then no, I'm sorry,” Williams said.
Rose said singles need to step away from the dating apps and be bold. Talk with people face-to-face, and focus on more than just looks.
Also, it's important to remember, not everything you see posted online is realistic so just because your friend might seem happy on Facebook dating someone new each week, in reality, they might be making things seem better than they really are.

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