Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why would you rather use your smartphone than have sex?

"Its not surprising really, you only have to look at people in restaurants on public transport, whilst walking through the streets, everywhere your look and they are either talking, texting or playing with their phones, the art of physical conversation will soon be a thing of the past.  
But WHY would you rather use your smartphone than have sex?, beats me".  -  Susan
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Why Would You Rather Use Your Smartphone Than Have Sex?

You may be surprised at some recent survey results that reveal just what impact smartphones are having on people's bedroom activities

Today, more research has come out suggesting that using smartphones decreases your desire to have sex, at least in some age ranges.
The study, which involved around 3,000 participants aged between 25 and 34, found that one in three people reported a decline in their sex life since they started taking smartphones and tablets into the bedroom.
Overall, the results suggested the effect could be as large as half of the sample group, according to De Telegraaf.
Clearly, they feel differently to the 20 percent of the different group of 18-34 year olds use their phone during sex. Presumably that’s the camera, rather than trawling Twitter or ordering take-out, but you never know.
Research methodologies, sample group and confounding variables are all important parts of any study, and it wouldn’t be too tough to pick the results apart (correlation is not causation, primarily). However, multiple studies have reached similar conclusions.
The same study that found 20 percent of respondents used their phone during sex also found that 12 percent felt like technology was getting in the way of their relationship. And sex is a pretty important part of most relationships.
That’s what interests me: why do we put the ability to access information, games, multimedia and anything else you can do with a phone before the maintenance of a healthy relationship or sex life?
It’s not a question I have an answer for right now, but it seems that for a certain demographic would probably live happier, more sex-filled lives if they put down the phone once in a while.

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