Saturday 21 November 2015

The Sex Chair That Turned Our Love Life Into An ORGASM PARTY

"A good looking piece of furniture with hidden talents.  I must buy one!"  -  Susan


The Sex Chair That Turned Our Love Life Into An ORGASM PARTY

Hands down, one of the best things I've ever purchased.

My husband and I have been married for five years (together for eight), and we have two kids under the age of three. As you can probably imagine, our sex life has had its ebbs and flows. I also suffer from chronic back and neck pain as well as carpal tunnel, which not only causes a lot of pain, but also makes me feel like a grandma rather than a youthful sexy woman.
Despite all these obstacles, we both wanted to do something to re-ignite the fire and bring regular sex back into our lives.
We talked about scheduling sex or even trying one of those sex regimes where you just have sex every night, whether you're in the mood or not for 30 days until it becomes routine. But none of those options felt very romantic, and even after many years of marriage and two kids I still need a little romance to enjoy sex.
We continued to just have sporadic sex when both of our schedules lined up and we weren't two exhausted (or too achy), but it became more and more infrequent. My husband was always trying to initiate, which, while flattering, eventually made me feel guilty for not being as eager as he was.

So, I started doing research to find a solution and the answer I found really surprised me: A sex chair. 
OK, it's not actually called a sex chair — it's called The Tantra Chair — and it's amazing. It's designed to contour the lines of the human body and allow you to have sex in a ton of different positions with the support of the chair. It's also classy looking, so it doesn't feel like a scene from 50 Shades of Grey in our bedroom.
The sex positions recommended by the company are inspired by Kamasutra and demonstrated in some pretty steamy videos on its website.
There are knock off versions out there that are a little cheaper, but they definitely aren't as classy and they don't have the very important feature of being anti-stain and anti-microbial (pretty key in a chair that's specifically for sex).

The Tantra Chair
We've been using the chair for about a month now and here's a few things we've learned:

1. We've discovered a few of our own favourite positions. 
We like to start and end with one of the more basic ones (like both sitting upright facing each other, with one leg on each side of the chair), and then experiment with some more adventurous positions in the middle. We aren't quite up to Cirque du Soleil-level like the couple in the videos, but I have faith we'll get there.

2. The added leverage makes sex ten times better.
The best part, for me, is that the chair provides so much support that my back and neck never hurt, and the added leverage makes sex feels incredible. No more trying to grab the headboard and constantly slipping down the bed. And let's just say the level of grinding has been taken to a whole new level — and I'm not complaining. 

3. I feel infinitely sexier.
The other thing I love about the Tantra Chair is that I feel so much sexier on it. The lines of the chair encourage you to lean back and arch your back, which flattens out my post-baby pooch and makes my boobs extremely perky. We also happen to have a mirror really close to the chair and I can't help but watch as we make love.

Overall, I'm so thankful that the answer to our dry spell was solved with a piece of furniture, which is a much better use of money than years of therapy and frustration. If you're feeling a lull in your love life or you don't feel sexy in the bedroom, I highly recommend this chair. 

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