Tuesday 27 August 2013

7 Signs that Casual Dating is for You

7 Signs that Casual Dating is for You

7 Signs that Casual Dating is for You

From love at first sight to making an exit before first light, it’s all possible! Yes, it is also possible to date casually. No expectations, no commitment, no demands and just a good time – if these are the things you are looking for, then casual dating can be the right thing for you. Here are 7 signs that will tell you if casual dating is for you.

1. You want to be independent

No doubt every woman is independent, but when it comes to emotions, you tend to become dependent on your partner. When you think that you want to be independent emotionally too, it’s time you think about casual dating. In casual dating, you do not have to depend on your partner for emotional support, and thus it makes you strong both emotionally and mentally.

2. You want a good time

Sometimes you feel that you just want to have a good time – no emotional breakdown, no crying and no false expectation. If such is the case, then casual dating is the best thing that can happen to you. There is no commitment, no promises and no attachment which become the reason for your tears, and that is the best part about casual dating. The other best thing about it is that both parties know about this and meet for common reason – to have a good time.

3. You just want to be yourself

Casual dating means no expectations, no commitments and no demands. Casual dating is just about being yourself and not doing anything which you do not want to do. So when you think that you just want to be yourself and not want yourself struggling to live up to someone else’s expectations, go ahead with casual dating.

4. You want to experiment without hurting yourself

Casual dating gives you the chance to experience fun dates and try new things without hurting yourself. It is all about meeting those people who are after the same thing as you are. So if you want to have a good time, meeting new people and trying to find your Mr. Perfect without hurting yourself, then casual dating is not a bad idea.

5. You want to date without commitment

If you want to go out for fancy dinners, share your thoughts and have a good time but without any commitment, then casual dating must be on your list. The best part about it is that those involved in this dating know that there is no commitment involved in it.

6. You want to feel good

Who does not like to have a good time after long day of work? If you want to go out, meet people, have fun and enjoy just being yourself, then go ahead with casual dating. When you want a break from expectation and commitment, and just want to do things which make you feel happy and special, casual dating can be a good option. Why not just have new experiences just to feel good?

7. You wish to explore your other side

Casual dating brings out the fun side of your personality and makes you feel good about yourself as you meet new people and have different experiences. It not only adds to your experiences but sometimes makes you explore yourself in a new light, which you otherwise may have not known. So why not explore your other side with this fun experience?

Sometimes it is important to be selfish and think just about yourself. You have full right to be happy, have fun and do what you want. So if sometimes commitment fails, and stops you from enjoying life, why not go for casual dating? There is no harm in experiencing new things. You just have to realize that you can enjoy and have fun in life! You are worth it!
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