Thursday 22 August 2013

Do You Know Yourself?

Do You Know Yourself?

It has often been said that we were made (born) to succeed but conditioned to mediocrity. Scary stuff. This is all down to our self-image and how we manage our subconscious mind. I will explain as we go here. What follows is something to think about in big way as it will both explain the way we see ourselves and why we are the way we are.

In the beginning

I began earlier the statement that we were born to succeed. Some argue that they are a product of their environment and that due to the life they were born into they are resigned to their fate as to what they can achieve in life. This is only partly the truth. It can't be argued against to say that someone born to poor parents, living in a poor area is going to have more challenging life than someone from wealth parents living in a well-to-do home and neighbourhood. But I know we can find even in our own experiences people that have somehow overcome amazing odds to gain success, wealth and notoriety. Also conversely people that supposedly had it all and ended up the complete opposite. There are reasons for the latter but I'll cover that some other time.

Your Brain

Dr. Maxwell Maltz
We really are amazing. Whether you believe in evolution or the ultimate God somehow everything has just worked out so good for us in our design at least. Not too sure how big our brain is I believe it is about 3 Ib. But it's stored in that head of ours and does amazing things. Back in the early 80s I was really interested in IT or computing as it was know back then. I would buy magazines and self taught many of the things about computers that fascinated me. The various CPU appeared as amazingly clever designs, efficiently planned and was easy to follow, broken down into manageable structures. Well from what I have learned about the human brain is truly a marvel. The structure of the various components is so perfect put together. I won't go into the deep, deep stuff but here are the basics. If you want to know more read about it in the book Psycho-cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz who brought the attention of the common world about how we use our brains.

In 2 minds

1. The Conscious Mind. 

This can be view as the mind that envisage as the the goffer. The dude that does the donkey work, the fetching and carrying. When we are asked a question we often force the conscious mind to do the work. Imaging the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car and how everything seemed difficult (admit it men it was just as hard too). You had to be told everything. Yes, you could change gear and steer but that inclination to look at the gear lever was hard to resist. Listen to the radio, talk, scratch your nose, turn on the lights when needed it was such a challenge. You were using mainly your conscious mind. But the good news is everything you did was being stored. EVERYTHING!

The reason why everything was difficult at first is that you had no previous data for the conscious mind to go off and recall to help you. The conscious mind deals with what it believe are the facts. Whenever confronted with a situation the goffer runs of to get something from the database we have in our mind to see what info it can get about it.

Critical to understand is that this portion of the mind takes up a very small percentage of the overall mind. Liken it to the head librarian at the huge city library. There is just a few books but huge amounts of data for them to reference. Many, many times the volume of the librarians. But imagine you walk into the library and say I want to know about looking after kittens. They would check up their references, trot off and return with books on looking after kittens. Cool huh? You want to know what is really cool? Good, because I'm going to tell you anyway... you might want to write this down! Here goes...

The librarian doesn't know if the book is true or false, good or bad and it's the same with your conscious mind. It doesn't care if its true or false info it grabs from it's database or not.

Now this can be a double edged sword, because the info we chose to place in the database can be either good or bad. If we put bad things in the database then we can only retrieve bad things out of it later. But the good thing is, if we put good things in, guess what only good things can come out. Wahoo!

Later I will explain what we can do to be the right side of right and get only good things in and out of our database. But what is this database? We're about to find out.

2. The Subconscious Mind 

The subconscious mind is a few things and essentially the store house of the brain. Everything that come into us through our 5 senses ends up in the subconscious mind. Now the cool thing about the subconscious mind is that it has a support system that it runs in the background to keep it running. A bit like a computer that would possibly lose all it's data if you kicked the plug out and killed the power to it you might have a surge protector and an uninterruptible power supply attached to as it can never go down losing all the must needed data. In humans this support system is our heart, lungs, and organs etc. With a little help these keep the memory alive and running at the right temperature too. The subconscious automatically runs and looks after these systems in the background. There is nothing for the conscious mind to do here but just rest assured that the subconscious mind has it all covered. 

The subconscious is absolutely huge in its capacity and scale but still sitting there as part of your brain in your pretty little head. I say that it's huge but there is a strong theory that suggest that even the smartest of all humans haven't even come close to using 10% of it's capacity. Einstein is said to have used only 6-7 percent. Makes you think doesn't it?

Going back to the learning to drive analogy from before, as I mentioned it was initially difficult to even speak and drive but in the end you're chatting away with friends (not on the phone in the UK), singing, fiddling about with the controls, eating, drinking, picking your nose, and changing gear (in Europe mainly) and all sorts without any problem or a wobble. How, what changed? More info and references got stored in the database for the subconscious mind to hand to the conscious to get the job done. At the beginning there was nothing but after a few lessons more and more records in the database arrived or if you like more pages got written into the books that got put in the library. So when the librarian was asked to go and get info on driving it came back with a complete volume to use.

They say that when we do things with the help of subconscious mind they have become habits and remember our system doesn't know if it's a good or bad habit. Over-eating, drugs, smoking, failure in relationships, business can often be attributed to bad habits we have reinforced in our subconscious mind. Likewise things you are good at, maybe things you do for your job at work that you do so effortlessly that your barely conscious of doing it, like tying your shoe laces you never take a moment to think about it.

Subconsciously you tie your shoes the same way everyday

I will later explain some cool things you can do with all this great equipment we have upstairs but in the meantime just be aware of you brain and what habits you have and where you learned them. Also what thoughts you are pulling out of your database.

Please comment below if you have any questions about this or anything articles here.

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