Sunday 16 August 2015

12 Things Real Women Find Gross About Men’s Grooming and Hygiene Habits

12 Things Real Women Find Gross About Men’s Grooming and Hygiene Habits

 Real women give you a heads up on how to clean up your act.

There’s nothing worse than when a tiny detail of your life ruins the perception a beautiful woman has of you. Be it bad breath, dirty finger nails or too much cologne, women can only tolerate so much sloppiness from one man. With that, we emailed thirteen women and asked then what grosses them out the most about guy’s grooming and hygiene habits. If any of the following applies to you, make changes now before you officially start to repel women. 


Remember to Floss ...

"I can’t even standing looking at guys with bad teeth, meaning, it's clear that a dude doesn't floss. YUCK. All men should know they need to floss after they brush. There’s all sorts of crap that can get stuck in there."
- Danielle, 31

A Little Dab Will Do You ...

"Too much cologne is a major turnoff. Any dude that wears too much cologne makes me feel like there's something he's trying to hide, and it's usually not a physical thing. Men who load up on any scent are usually insecure."
- Kate, 27

Soften The Sandpaper Lips ...

"No woman wants to kiss a guy with really dry, chapped or cracked lips. I know it’s hard to find a lip balms that aren’t glossy or shiny, but when you’re brushing your teeth if you just brush your lips a little to exfoliate and then put some chapstick on while you sleep, it really helps."
- Mary, 27

Back Off ...

"Back hair is not cute but neither is someone who goes overboard with their body hair grooming. A dude without leg hair, arm hair or underarm hair is a huge turnoff to me and hardly reminds me of a man at all."
- Tina, 26

Eyebrows: Separate And Natural ...
"Overly manicured eyebrows are kind of bizarre. I would recommend men not get their eyebrows waxed. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little maintenance, but a light tweezing looks way more natural than a wax job."
- Monica, 27

Decrease The Grease ...

"Too much hair product isn’t cool. I don't like it. I prefer a more natural approach that doesn’t make you look like you’re cast in a Broadway revival of 'Grease.' "
- Amanda, 25

Baggy Jeans Are For Rappers From The 90's ...

"Baggy pants are so 90's. It doesn't do anything for anyone. Even guys who are a little overweight just look juvenile to me."
- Shanna, 28

Free Up The Forest ...

"Can it get grosser then smelly genitals or grossly hairy genitals? It's really not that difficult to groom that area. Just spend an extra minute in the shower scrubbing, and then a trim every now and then couldn't hurt. Seriously, if women are supposed to groom down there then men should do the same."
- Maggie, 26

Melt The Wax ...

"Gross amounts of ear wax, like so much that you can like see it on the edge of his ear, is really stomach turning. It’s just the most revolting thing to see if you’re cuddling with a guy."
- Hannah, 25

Don't Be An Edward Scissorhands ...

"Dirty fingernails and rough hands are a turnoff. I’m not suggesting male manicures, but dirt under your finger nails is not okay. Also, there is nothing wrong with using hand lotion."
- Erin, 23

Trim The Toes ..

"It always bothers me when my boyfriend doesn't cut his toenails. I like to call them "snaggle toes," because they are sure to snag or cut my legs while we’re sleeping!"
- Ashley, 26

Slay The Dragon Breath ...

"I hate using the word 'deal-breaker' but, for lack of a better term, I would have to say if a dude has bad breath I'd have no choice but to turn the other cheek. There's no way I can kiss someone with bad breath."
- Alice, 26

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