Monday 31 August 2015

8 Great Reasons Online Dating is Worth a Shot"Online dating is a good resource to meet individuals for eventual face-to-face dating. However if you are weary of that first big date then just meet for a coffee, go for the  more casual approach.

The biggest piece of advice that I would give to  anyone male or female in this first date  situation is: Don't go into the date with that check list under your arm, yes you have your vision of the ideal mate, but you are surrounding yourself with too much pressure. Go into the date with the thought that you will be meeting a new friend, that way its a win win situation".                                                                                     
- Susan Watts

8 Great Reasons Online Dating is Worth a Shot

Hesitant to give online dating a try? Still think it’s a trashy trend? Here are 8 reasons that just might change your mind about finding love online.

With the advent of the internet, there arose an enormous amount of opportunity for romance, love, friendship, and excitement – all in the past decade alone. It is now much easier to meet potential partners in life, without even having to come face to face with them. Most of the time, because of the greater chances of anonymity, people tend to be more open about themselves and what they want in a relationship, compared to when they are talking in person.

Shy people, especially girls, tend to do a lot more of their socializing through blogging. This is mostly because they find it much easier than talking to people directly about who they are, how they are feeling, or what they’re thinking.

Tentative guys who are nervous about saying hello to their crushes get more self-confident knowing that they have a far better chance at saying how they feel through IM, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, or any of the numerous social media sites out there.

Thinking about all these possibilities makes you think “What harm would there be in trying out online dating? It must be as easy as pressing a couple of buttons!”

Indeed it is!

When you come to think about it, online dating apps nowadays – like Tinder – only need a swipe of the phone screen! How convenient and hassle-free is that?

Why you should try to date online

Although it is increasingly becoming the norm in single ladies and gentlemen in their twenties, some of us still get apprehensive about the thought of meeting strangers online. So here are eight good reasons to at least give online dating a fair shot.

#1 Fun. For all of you fun-loving people of all ages, what more fitting reason is there to try meeting people online but for the sheer fun of it? You could be meeting people who could actually give you a run for your money when it comes to having a great time!

A majority of the folks who have a huge presence online are the easygoing ones. If you are one of them, or are thinking of joining them, then there are hundreds of groups, communities, and clubs online that cater to people looking for a fun environment.

For the ones who are more comfortable with smaller groups of people, there are also a lot of more exclusive sites all over the internet who welcome people with a certain type. There are dog lovers dating sites, cat people online dating, or even the much rowdier LGBT community sites. There are tons of fun things online that would make you consider dating over the internet!

#2 A new experience. For the more subdued people who are more discerning when it comes to meeting other people, there is always room for some new experiences! Wouldn’t it be a great way to try new things? How many times in your life can you say “I’ve tried online dating?” Just the fact that it is something new to try out or that it’s another challenge to overcome adds to its excitement!

Also, new experiences allow you to compare and contrast between things you’ve already experienced. Who knows, you might find some of the perks of online dating to be a lot more fun or convenient than finding dates in actual locations.

#3 Bucket list. Who doesn’t have one of these, right? Of course, online dating has to be on each of our bucket lists – especially the younger generations! Crossing out one of the many things in life that are exciting, yet only cost almost nothing, would be a great motivation when trying out dating sites online.

Right alongside bucket list entries like “swim with sharks” or “kiss a hot stranger in the rain,” online dating is a great entry to cross out of our bucket lists!

#4 Better options. Not only does online dating offer a bigger chance at anonymity, at least at first, but it also gives you a lot more freedom to choose who you actually like. No need to be super nice and be awkward in blind dates, when you actually don’t even want to talk to a person, but are just too nice to say so. In internet dating, you can be as blunt, as direct, and as picky as you want!

#5 Compatibility. On paid online dating websites, they have algorithms in place that figure out who on their website is the most compatible person for you. They take into account your own likes, dislikes, and preferences from the way you answer their specific questions.

There are also free websites out there who offer people a chance to meet like-minded individuals who are into similar hobbies. If you love movies, you can meet someone whom you can debate movie plots with! If you are into romantic poetry, you’d be amazed to discover that there are guys who may also be as into Shakespeare and Neruda as you!

#6 Excitement. All of the reasons in here are exciting. There is just no better way of putting it. The purpose of a well-lived life is to be able to try as many exciting things as you can fit in a single lifetime! There’s always going to be a dash of excitement in finally meeting up with someone you’re hitting it off with online. Of course, there are also creeps out there, but just keep your sharp wits about you, and the obvious dangers will become clear to you.

#7 Get laid. I don’t mean to be indelicate about it, but many guys do consider this as not only a very valid reason to try online dating, but the main reason as well. It doesn’t mean that we, girls, don’t have the exact same right! We need some men in our lives to give us some good lovin’! Wouldn’t you agree?

There are dating applications that you can install on your phone, which means you can bring dating with you all the time, as long as you have a decent internet connection that can make romance and sex be available at the touch of a finger *pardon the pun*.

Some online dating sites, if not most, provide just this exact service, and who could blame them when we, as a society, have now increasingly received sex as a very normal and even crucial part of adult life?

This is usually the main reason for guys and gals who are more open to sex, when it comes to dating. It just makes it a lot easier to find compatible people on the internet who are more open to physical relations, as well as emotional connections. So don’t be intimidated by people who are only after sex, there are a lot of them online, just be clear about your own intentions, so that they know not to bother you when you are not into it.

#8 Meet your soul mate. Although not all of us believe or admit that we believe in soul mates, this is arguably the main reason for many women to give online dating a shot. We are all a little bit mushy and romantic at heart, so even the slightest possibility of a happily-ever-after online may get us thinking, “What if?”

Indeed, what if our one true love is just out there looking for a convenient way to reach us? What if there wouldn’t be any other way for us to meet them if they were halfway around the globe? What if our soul mate is simply more confident with approaching us online than in person?

This makes everyone wonder, so it is one of the perfect reasons to start online dating. There are a lot of successful love stories out there that started online. It may be one in a million, but wouldn’t it be nice to be that special one?

Much like everything else in life, there are both pros and cons with dating online. It is good to open yourself to the possibility of love, friendship, or intimacy through the use of the internet. Be open, but be extremely vigilant. Be vigilant, but also hopeful. You never know, your soul mate may just be out there reading this exact same article!

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