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What Does a Man Consider Proper Hygiene for a Woman He is Dating?

What Does a Man Consider Proper Hygiene for a Woman He is Dating?

When Does It Start to Matter?

It is one of many double standards that some men have opted to adopt: Although it may be common for men to walk around neglecting to groom properly or thoroughly take care of their hygiene, they are completely turned off when encountering a woman doing exactly the same. It is accepted that men turn a blind eye to hygiene, so it is ok when a man looks as if he is giving a grizzly bear a piggy-back ride, or that a beaver has attached itself to his chin – not to mention that nose curling odour waffling from who knows where; or rather who wants to know where? These poor hygiene practices for men are generally ok. We are men, and in the hygiene department it could be much worse. You should have seen the guy the day before your date! But when it comes to women, it is a different story.

Dirty Clothes

Proper hygiene in women is crucial in order to attract the men of their dreams. Most men will not even consider dating a woman long-term if she has hygiene issues. Since men tend to base a lot of their attraction on factors like scent and what is visible to the eye, having disheveled hair and clothes, body odour, bad breath, missing teeth, and the like are often seen as unhealthy, and will encourage harsh discrimination.

Proper hygiene is the easiest way for men to determine what kind of person you are. Hygiene is easily maintained. A lack of hygiene shows a certain lack of self-confidence and maintenance. This can be sending the signal to potential mates that not only are you unable to take care of yourself, but how could you take care of children if the relationship developed into a lifelong love affair?

This does not mean you need to be immaculate every time you see the potential man of your dreams. Obviously everyone has bad breath every now and again, and everyone has bad hair days, and times when we don’t look our best, but a consistent lack of hygiene will make your chances of finding the man of your dreams much harder.

Private Areas

No matter how hot you are or how interested a man may be in you, some deal breakers are hygiene issues related to your private areas. Men in America will quickly run as fast as they can from any woman who has a strange or unpleasant scent omitting from their nether regions. Some men may be put off by overgrown or bushy pubic or underarm hair. If you have a strong hair gene and grow hair above your lip, on your chest, or parts of your lower back, you may want to wax more often or consider laser hair removal.

Hairspray, and We Don’t Mean the Movie

You don’t need to wash your hair every day. However, it is easy to tell that something in your shower routine is missing just by observing the lackluster shine of your locks. Your hair becomes especially important while dating when you are unable to keep it fashionable because of the poor state of your hair. Excessive hairspray, frizzy hair or even hats and wigs can all be deal breakers for men. Having a fashionable hairstyle that matches both your personality and body shape is important to men. It lets men know that you care enough about yours looks, and know what style makes you look more beautiful.

To Bathe or Not to Bathe

Wash your body often! Your body sheds skin constantly, and without proper showers it is likely to flake and fall off right in front of your date. There is nothing more disgusting than witnessing your snowfall of skin as you rub up against yourself or others. Not bathing will also lead to unwanted smells that often baffle men. Men still believe in a world where women smell and taste like flowers and honey. It is highly recommended that you should also soak in a bath once a week, and drown any tiny microscopic mites who might be living on your body, or that were transferred from someone else’s body to yours. If you saw what they looked like under the microscope you would run to the bathtub. Don’t confuse your date by showing up funky. That experience would be a reality burst that he may not be prepared to accept.

Some Men Like it Funky or Natural

On the other side of that equation, are some men who enjoy the scent of a woman fresh from the gym. Some outdoors men, who don’t mind a little funk around their women when out in the wild, actually find the lack of hygiene intoxicating. The important thing to remember is to know your man. Is he big on hygiene or is he more flexible with it? Honestly ladies, too much of that natural aroma has been washed and douched away. A vagina does not even smell like a vagina anymore. It just has no smell. All the natural pheromones to attract a man have been cleansed away. Clean, but please don’t take away your natural, fingerprinted scent. A man who is in tune will remember your sweet natural aroma, and will sniff his way back for more.

Nails for Days

The state of your hands and feet indicates a lot about your general cleanliness and hygiene, so don’t let your grubby fingernails and scruffy toenails give you away! Keeping your fingernails and toenails trimmed and in good shape will prevent problems such as hangnails and infected nail beds. Nails chewed to nothing are not signs of a woman with class and maturity. Guys are not expecting you to get weekly manicures to keep your hands and feet in good shape, however, you should do the bare, minimum upkeep. You can buy a nail kit for under 20 bucks and use it at home. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make. It is a deal breaker for men to see that you do not keep your nails clean, nor smooth out rough edges with an emery board. No man wants to look at, much less be touched by, jagged-edged fingernails or dry, crusty feet. Do you remember the old saying, “Scrub a dub dub in the tub?”

Use Crest Whitening Strips

Nothing warms a man’s heart better than a bright smile. A woman with a beautiful smile is guaranteed to win him over every time! It should follow that teeth that are stained, yellow or show visible signs of plaque are sure to send him in the other direction. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal. At the very least, brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Most men will not stand dating a woman whose teeth looks like the corn he is trying to enjoy for dinner. An old remedy passed on from Granny is to brush your teeth using baking soda, sea salt and peroxide. Shhhh ! It works better than toothpaste and has no fluoride. Most importantly do not forget to brush your tongue. There is nothing worse than clean teeth and a funky tongue.

Velvety Skin Is Velvety Good

No man can resist touching soft skin. Isn’t that reason enough to make sure you skin is velvety smooth? Men will not take you or your date seriously if you cannot take proper skin hygiene seriously. Combat dryness with creams and moisturizers. Without it, your skin will look dry as a powder house, and he won’t be turned on by that. Ashy legs went out in the 80’s.

Dirty Clothes

Are there dirty clothes in this house? Can you say deal breaker? Rings around your jacket collar, sleeves, cuffs, and lapels that clearly show that you rarely wash your clothes, are potential deal breakers. They make a man wonder how and if you properly cleanse yourself. Rings, not wedding rings, and stains that have been in your clothes for so long they are embedded in the material so that even the toughest stain removers cannot get them out, are not a good lead-ins for you getting the blonde brownie award for personal hygiene. When a man is serious about you, he will think long term. Ahhhh, man kids, the clothes are going to be dirty! Clothes piled up on the floor and in your closet for days and weeks are not a good sign that you value your personal hygiene. 

Go invest in a dirty clothes hamper for under 20 bucks. No guy of class and maturity wants to date a woman with bed bugs crawling through her clothing. Hey I live here too! Other than for obvious health reasons, practicing good body hygiene helps you feel good about yourself. While dating, you need this extra confidence to sell yourself and be in position to present yourself to the fullest. You should not set yourself up for being insecure because your hair is frazzled, or your nails look as if they were in a train wreck, or your skin is peeling. For most people, good hygiene is so much a part of their daily routines that they think little about it. They bathe, they brush their teeth, visit the dentist and doctor for regular check-ups, and wash their hands before preparing or eating food and after handling unsanitary items. All of these practices are important, and will be noticed by men of class and maturity. Come to your date with your best groomed foot forward, and let the love sparks fly as you enjoy a wonderful (and hygienically clean) evening with him.

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