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How to Make Him Want You!

How to Make Him Want You!

The rules of attraction can be pretty easy to master with a little bit of know-how.

So if you're single check out our thirty top tips on how to make him want you and if you're already coupled up use this as a guide for how to make your man want you even more!

Turning a man on is all about playing to his senses, so we've got ways to work it from every angle.

Want to test it out and make him want you?
Here are some ideas:

Set the mood:

1- Install ambient lighting
We're starting off at the very beginning here, but a little bit of lighting can go along way. Install ambient lighting in the living room or bedroom: it should be dimmed and in a warm colour like orangey yellow.

You could even go with a red bulb but beware as that is a bit full on - but it's worth knowing a soft pink light is most flattering to your bare bod'!

2- Invest in candles
Invest in candles. They create a kind of light that's particularly flattering and contributes to intimacy.

Psychologically speaking, if the candle is on the table between you and it's dark around you, you'll feel closer together in the same circle of light. It all boils down to science y'know.

3- Choose hot colours
Choose hot colours for your bedroom, as well as ethnic, shimmering and shiny fabrics. Furniture, curtains, rugs for example.

Guys often like a "minimalist" style and a metallic and cold modern look, but it's not very erotic and it's all about setting the mood! We're not saying go the whole Austin Powers, sixties sex dungeon look but a few sensual seduction pieces never go amiss.

Its all about you:

4- Dress to impress
Dress to impress! Men are governed by their eyes and like a bull reacting to the colour red, they react to the way a woman looks.

Wear soft, tactile, warm-coloured clothing that's sexy and suggestive without being too much, and definitely choose clothes that show off your best bits. Less isn't necessarily more when it comes to seduction - leave something to the imagination.

5- Apply make-up
Apply make-up: red lipstick in particular is believed by ethnologists to have erotic properties: it tends to represent the swelling of the labia minora which go red when aroused.

6- Be suggestive
Be suggestive: while the sense of sight is erogenous, showing off too much skin isn't necessarily sexy.

When choosing your clothes, don't go too far: a suggestive neckline which leaves something to the imagination is often more erotic than a completely transparent shirt! Buttons and zips can be exciting too but leave the unbuttoning for later.

7- Make erotic movements
The sense of sight doesn't just concern motionless aspects, it also captures movements.

Certain movements are very stimulating with the right atmosphere: licking your lips, crossing your legs, caressing your thigh with a hand or suggestively biting your bottom lip are all things that will drive him wild.

8- Move a mirror into your bedroom for one night
Place a mirror in your bedroom. Seeing yourself in the throes of passion can be a real turn-on.

Music to his ears:

After sight, hearing is the second sense that counts. It plays a major role in creating an ambience so if you want to make him fall in love with you, act on this sense!

9- Choose ambient music
Choose music based on your own personal tastes if you don't know him that well, or based on his tastes which will make him putty in your hands! Think sexy background music. The focus should be on you and not the heavy metal - not hot.

10- Read aloud
It might sound ridiculous but reading aloud from a book or, if you've bagged yourself a sensitive type, a poem can be sexy. It all depends on how you read it.

You could even write down your greatest fantasy about the two of you and read it to him - sophisticated dirty talk if you will.

11- Read an erotic story together
Read an erotic story together that you've chosen. This source of stimulation will pass from his ears to his brain and will turn out to be very arousing. You might find you get really turned on by erotic literature too so you'll both benefit.

12- Speak with your romantic voice
Having a slightly different way of speaking to your man is a good way of putting him in the mood without being to obvious. Just switching subtley from normal speech to bedroom speech should get the juices flowing.

13- Use innuendo when talking to him
Use fun and flirty language when you talk to him. It's cheeky and after all, having a laugh with the guy you're going for is the biggest turn-on.

Indulge his sense of taste and smell: The senses of taste and smell are the most primitive and their sensors are located at the centre of the brain where the archaic brain is located.

This is why they are important in the animal aspect of sexuality, an aspect that can be extremely powerful if you know how to use it to your advantage.

14- Prepare an aphrodisiac meal
Turning him on with his taste buds might seem a little far fetched, but trust us it works! Read our A-Z of aphrodisiac foods to give you some ideas.

15- Make him breathe you in
One of the best ways to turn a man on is through your perfume. Get your own signature smell, something seductive and spray it all over yourself whenever you're about to get down to it. He'll then signify your smell with being close to you and every time he smells it, it will trigger that memory!

16- Spray an amber perfume in the air
Spray a warm and sweet amber perfume in the air such as Shalimar, Mitsouko, or some amber or vanilla extract. Otherwise, light up some incense with an erotic scent to really set the mood.

17- Get him out in the garden
Get outsideGet him out in the garden or on a walk on a evening. The smells of the seasons can have a huge effect on wellbeing and closeness.
18- Add fragrance to your linen
A good smelling bed is bound to draw him in. Add fragrance to your linen by sliding some sachets in your bed sheets for example and see if he ever wants to leave it again.
19- Get him to splash some scent
Give him a bottle of eau de toilette to splash himself with. This will make you want to get your nose closer to his skin.

Encourage body contact:

Everyone can be seen, heard, smelled at a distance by a stranger but not everyone lets themselves be touched!

So make the most of your intimacy to take things a bit further. Here are some tips to make him want you bad!

20- Touch him like you're doing it involuntarily
Stay close to him, a bit too close even, in his intimate personal space. This is because under 50cm, we only normally let people who are extremely close to us get near. Put your hand on his arm when talking to him, tidy a section of his hair, brush off a (false) crumb on his shirt, etc.

21- Play footsie under the table
It's a classic but it works. You can even caress him lightly under the table, passing your hand up his thigh...

22- In a crowd, squeeze up against him
In a crowd (queuing for the cinema, at a gig), squeeze up against him as if you're being pushed. He won't know if you're doing it deliberately or not, and the tension will be a turn-on.

23- Invite him to do some sport with you
Jogging, swimming...he'll be able to see you up close and personal in a swimsuit plus when you sweat together, the bedroom never seems faraway. Avoid however if him and sport don't really go together!

24- Caress your skin in front of him
If you start to subtly stroke your arms, your cheek, with a finger, with a bit of hair, as if you don't even really realise you're doing it, it will make him want to touch your skin as well.

25- Speak to him closely, next to his ear
He'll be able to feel the warmth of your breath, or even your mouth on his neck. As if you're whispering a secret to him.

26- Choose soft sheets for your bed
Choose soft and shiny satin or silk sheets for your bed. Scented sheets will also add to the levels of passion.

27- Offer him a body massage
Nothing feels better than being pampered. If he's hurting somewhere, use it to your advantage! His back, knee, ankle... if your hands are able to make him feel better, he'll be imagining what else you're capable of.


To make a man really crave you it's sometimes necessary to make preparations.

Anticipating pleasure is a pleasure in itself. That's why, along with suprising him, it's also nice to let him know what's in store.

28- On the phone, tell him what you're going to do
On the phone, tell him everything you want to do to him this evening, this weekend or during your next holiday. That will charge the atmosphere with electricity!

29- Write him a love letter
Cheesy, yep. But a love letter with an erotic edge can be a massive turn on.

30- Organise romantic meet-ups
Organise romantic meet-ups. Improvising is great of course but planning can be too. There's no reason why you can't enjoy both! For example: set aside a day for the two of you to spend in bed together when nothing else is planned - pure bliss!

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