Saturday 8 February 2014

Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson: Top 5 Dating Tips

Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson: Top 5 Dating Tips

Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson has released her Top 5 dating Tips every girl needs to know, all in good time for picking up Mr Right on Valentine’s Day!

Lucy’s tips:

Always be true to yourself – never change for anyone

Sooner or later, the real you will come out so why bother trying to hide it? If a guy doesn’t like you for who you are then you are dating/ thinking about dating the wrong one. You should have the ease of friendship with your partner. It’s nice not to show them your Sunday morning look on your first dates, but no accents, white lies or embellishments with the truth  or you will get off on the wrong footing.

Always wear something that you are confident in

There is no point in worrying about your wardrobe when you are supposed to be listening to and enjoying the time with your date. No fiddly tops, too short skirts or massive heals. You need to be a balance of sexy and comfortable or will spend all night in a perpetual state of fidgeting.


Everyone looks better when they smile. It is inviting and shows that you are having a good time, that you are not a bag of boring and mood swings. (You may be but don’t show them that side of you yet!) Just make sure that when you do that you check your teeth straight after dinner- you don’t want the dreaded herby filling grin!

Don’t wear too much make up

This shows that you are also trying to hide yourself, just as if you were telling him a lie. Accentuate your good points, but avoid, false eyelashes, too heavy foundation and  masses of colour. If they wanted to date a china doll they would visit a toy store. Cover up your spots and highlight your eyes so you canbe confident about your eye contact!

Lucy’s secret to clear, radiant date night skin without piling on the make-up:

“Well every morning I get up and make sure I cleanse and tone my face, I then moisturise. I leave the moisturiser on my face to sink in for a while so it can benefit the skin best. If I am having a long day I will make sure to put on Witch Skin Clearing Primer to help the make-up to stay in place! I then put on make-up and then that’s about it.”

Make sure to avoid messy foods if you are eating out – especially spaghetti!

So it may have worked out on Lady And The Tramp, but that is Disney and they are dogs. Pick something that lacks sauce and expert forking action! (Save that for later…..*wink, wink*)

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