Saturday 15 June 2013

How To Meet A Girl Anytime And Instantly Get Her Attention

How To Meet A Girl Anytime And Instantly Get Her Attention

It might seem like complete fantasy to think you can meet a girl RIGHT NOW—anytime, anywhere—and get a date, right?But you can. And it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with clubbing or trawling online dating sites. And you CERTAINLY don’t have to second-guess when women might be ready to accept an approach.

You can catch a woman’s attention, anytime, anywhere, and get her saying yes to a date with you because you can TRANSFORM YOURSELF into a chick magnet, so that you are DESIRABLE to women, no matter what, ALL THE TIME.

Most men think they have to wait for the “right time and place” to approach a woman. If you’re in this group, you’re at a disadvantage already.

Because most women don’t want to deal with the stampede of men approaching them at the end of the week, and they don’t want to sift through all the hopeful (desperate) messages they receive online. Besides, if you just do what most other guys are going, you’ll be stuck behind all the rest who think that is the only way to get a date.

Take your job as an example. If you are chasing a job promotion you’ve got to stand out from the others, right? To get that promotion you put in extra effort to continue developing your skills, right?
Well, same goes with attracting strong, beautiful women.

You need to get comfortable with knowing you can deliver your best all the time because…

The best way to get a woman’s attention instantly is to exude natural, magnetic confidence.
Any man can get it. And when you do—you will CONNECT MORE EASILY WITH MORE WOMEN if you are ready to make a connection ANYTIME. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd! The key is to get into your best natural groove so that you are always ready to be spontaneous, seize the moment and make it memorable. You can achieve this by building up confidence in the real you. And the way you do that is by understanding what women want.

Women want surprise, excitement, a sense of fun.
That’s right. You could be queuing at the Post Office, and catch a pretty lady’s eye. Or you could be in the grocery store … taking a break in the park after your morning run … or folding your clean washing at the Laundromat. A woman has every day things she needs to do, and YOU can turn it into a special occasion—ANYTIME, ANYWHERE—if you put a spark in her day with the right kind of attention. A confident man can do this easily.

Let me be crystal clear: the two things you need to create instant attraction with a woman, anytime, anywhere are KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE. Having the first one (and applying it) gives you the second one. It’s that simple.

Understanding women empowers you as a man!
How To Talk To A Girl You Like - Eye Contact
A confident man is not worried about what a woman will think of him … he’s not stressing about making a good impression because HE ALREADY KNOWS he’s at his best … he’s not missing the moment by doubting himself because he’s already focused on PUTTING HER AT EASE and MAKING HER FEEL GOOD.

Stop making excuses! This kind of dating success is not reserved for the movie star types … or those bad boys women seem to swoon over, and then regret. YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES, but you’ve got to commit to pushing yourself out of the safe zone and flex those YES I CAN muscles.

u’ve been hurt before? So, what?! That’s been and gone. You’ve had a few rejections? Big deal. If you’ve been feeling lousy, and thought that finding a date would fill that gap, it’s no wonder women left you high and dry. Would YOU want to date someone who was needy or insecure?

When I’ve done surveys with women, asking them what a man can do to turn their heads, and what their absolute turn-offs are, there are some common points that men can tap into to SUCCEED AT DATING EVERY TIME.

KNOW THIS ABOUT WOMEN: we want to have fun; we want to be romanced; we want men to take control in an exciting, positive way, without treating us like trophies or objects for male gratification. HINT: a confident man can do this in fresh, exciting ways, and still be a genuinely nice guy!
I bet you’re a great guy, and I bet there are areas of your life where you feel relaxed and comfortable, and you really excel. If there aren’t, it’s time for a personal spring clean. Seriously, if you want to attract amazing women, you’ve got to clean up your act.

Any women you decide to approach will respond positively if you give her the right signals. For her, a confident man is practically irresistible. You can easily lead her into a short conversation and, by asking the right questions, you can reveal if she really is worth more of your time. If she is, the way you respond to her will have her wanting more from you.

BUT, I don’t want you thinking you can just spit out a few cliché phrases, and you will turn heads. If that’s what you’ve been told, or what you’ve tried (and failed with) so far, then you just haven’t had the best advice—and that’s what I’m giving you now.

Most of the time, that kind of fake showmanship will only get eye rolls and a quick exit from her.
You can learn how to transform yourself into the man women want to be with. And when you do, you won’t think twice about approaching her and striking up a conversation, wherever you are, whatever time of day it is.

Now, here’s the thing—apart from feeling good about yourself (which is automatically attractive), you will get her feeling good about HERself. That’s the turning point. That’s the key to having all those good vibes you are giving out flowing back to you and getting the woman you truly want.

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