Wednesday 12 June 2013

The Secret to Attracting… Your Beliefs by "Alpha Alchemy"

The Secret to Attracting… Your Beliefs by Alpha Alchemy

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A few years back I got into the dating world because I wanted to learn how to be better with women… during that journey I’ve met A TON of people but the amount of people that stick around are slim to none since most guys don’t want to put in the work it takes to actually CHANGE.

But the few that do stick around are some of my closest friends. Some stay in the dating world and others journey off into personal development, hypnosis and a bunch of other fun things… I recently asked one of those close friends who started a blog for personal development called Alpha Alchemy to write a blog post and he came through above and beyond with The Secret to Attracting… Your Beliefs!

Enjoy the read by my buddy over at Alpha Alchemy!

Alpha Alchemy

What is the difference between a stud and an average frustrated chump?
Is it what they have?
Is it what they do?

The difference that makes the difference between a stud and an average frustrated chump is:


How is this so?
Secret societies, neo-pagans, occultists, alchemists, magicians, new age enthusiasts, ancient schools of spiritual thought, and now QUANTUM PYSICS talk about a very powerful piece of secret knowledge:

The Law of Attraction. The process of Manifestation. Energy.

So how does this work, and what the hell does it have to do with beautiful women?

The process of Manifestation works like this:

Your THOUGHTS / BELIEFS lead to your FEELINGS which lead to your ACTIONS which lead to your RESULTS


So going back to the stud and the chump.
The stud HAS different things than the chump.
He DOES things the chump is afraid to do.
The reason he HAS and DOES things the chump doesn’t, is because of what he BELIEVES.

Studs BELIEVE in themselves.
They BELIEVE they DESERVE to connect with beautiful women.
They BELIVE they are WORTHY of a beautiful woman’s attention and time.
Chumps don’t believe in themselves.
They don’t believe beautiful women will be attracted to them.
They don’t believe beautiful women will want to spend time with them.

A stud and a chump can both talk to the same woman, and say the same exact things, but the woman will respond to the stud because of the confident non-verbal body language he gives off.

Going back to Secret Societies and Witches and Wizards and Quantum Physics…
the difference between the stud and the chump is VIBRATION.

Studs give off POSITIVE vibration.
Chumps give off NEGATIVE vibration.

Positive vibrations ATTRACT.
Negative vibrations REPEL.

Chumps REPEL.

The basic Law of Attraction is this:
You will receive events, circumstances, and people in your life that reflect the vibration you give off.

In other words,
if you are positive, you will attract positive things.
If you are negative, you will attract negative things.

If you believe you are worthy of love, joy, abundance,
you will have those things because your vibes give off those feelings, and attract things that make you feel more of those feelings.
If you do not believe you are worthy of these things, you will not have them because you are vibrating the lack of them, and so you will receive a lack of them.

You will get the level of success that you TRULY believe you are worthy of.

The great news is:
You can CHANGE your beliefs.

There is no magic pill for changing your beliefs.
Changing your beliefs is a constant, ongoing process.

How do you know what you believe about yourself right now?
Simple: look at your results. Your results don’t lie.

How do you change your beliefs?
There are several ways to develop the habit of constantly changing your beliefs into positive,
supportive, empowering beliefs.

What are the benefits of developing this habit?
Increasingly awesome results in every area of your life.

Some of my favorite resources for changing beliefs are:

EFT / Erika Awakening

One of the most powerful ways to change your beliefs is to change the information that goes into your brain.

To rewire your beliefs most effectively, do some of these things daily, as a habit:

Read personal development books, articles, blogs.
Listen to personal development audiobooks.
Watch YouTube videos that empower your beliefs and self-confidence.
Re-program your thought patterns with hypnosis and subliminal videos/audios.
Join a physical activity that challenges you and develops your self-confidence.
Go to seminars.
Connect with like-minded people.
Connect with people who already have what you want.
Get a mentor or coach.
Constantly learn and grow as a person.
Form a MasterMind.
Learn social skills.
Learn social psychology.
Learn how to be humorous.
Learn to love mistakes: the more mistakes you make, the wiser and more successful you ultimately become.
Study masters of success like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn.

If you commit yourself to a lifestyle of learning and growth, you will:
-be more valuable
-be more interesting
-be more successful
-increase your options
-be more attractive
-take more effective, more efficient action
-have better things
-be happier
-be healthier
-be wealthier
-have better relationships
-be more confident
-have more choice and control over your life

The bottom line:

By constantly improving what you BELIEVE about yourself, you’ll constantly FEEL better, and your ACTIONS will produce constantly improving RESULTS.


Improving your BEING will improve your DOING which improves what you HAVE.

Thank you for reading.

Now go out there and attract what you want ;)

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