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The 10 Most Popular Sexual Fantasies


The 10 Most Popular Sexual Fantasies

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about an unusual and dirty scenario whilst masturbating or having sex!? Well, you are not the only one! The conception that only men always think about sex and have the dirtiest imagination is out-dated. It has been proven that women almost think about sex as much as men do and every woman on earth has fantasized about some explicit sexual fantasy.
Although considered a taboo, sexual fantasies are normal, healthy and necessary for our sexuality. Acknowledging and satisfying our sexual instincts boosts endorphin levels, which reduces stress and therefore makes us feel more relaxed and happy. But what are the sex secrets women fantasize about the most?
10. Role-playing
This entails imagining yourself as someone else entirely in a sexually arousing situation. This varies from woman to woman. It could be that your secret desire is doing it with the sexy teacher that every student dreamed of whilst he “punishes” you for not doing your homework. Maybe something totally different.
9. Group sex
Being engaged in sex with multiple partners at the same time and being touched and penetrated by men and women simultaneously is something that arouses many women. To be truthful, it is renowned that women can reach an orgasm really fast if stimulated in more than one point at the same time.
8. Being dominated
A fantasy that became for sure far more common after a certain best-seller was published a couple of years ago! Submission leading to orgasm after surrendering to a master is a very popular fantasy among women.
7. Sex with a girl
Every woman, even if she is straight, is fundamentally attracted by other women and has at least once thought about having sex with another gorgeous and sexy girl.

6. Exhibitionism
The women of today are confident and independent so it is no surprise that many of them feel aroused in imagining that their sexual activity is watched by someone else who is in turn turned on by seeing you. This can actually be easily achieved by taping your next sexual performance! Just make sure to delete the video afterwards or put it in a super safe place.
5. Sex with a stranger
Well, who wouldn’t be aroused at the thought of meeting a sexy and mysterious stranger and have a wild night of uninhibited sex!? The situation will allow you to let go of all your control and don’t feel judged.
4. Private dancer
Many women fantasize about being strippers and some even about being prostitutes and being paid for their “services”.
3. Sex with 2 men
As women, the more attention we get the better. So what is better that having 2 men worshiping you and making you orgasm over and over again. Another version of this is also being able to satisfy 2 men at the same time. Sex Goddess!
2. Being the dominatrix
A really common fantasy among women is to be in control by wearing a strap-on penis and penetrating the man! Yes, you read that right, being the man for one night! Some are not quite so extreme, but still dream of taking control in bed by making him the sex slave.
1. The “safe” rape
According to recent research in America, 62% of women have rape fantasies. We are talking of an erotic rape fantasy here, rather than a portrayal of actual assault, where the protagonist is highly attractive and you experience sexual gratification from the forced sex. This study also actually showed that women who report rape fantasies are actually more likely to have a high self-esteem and be really confident with their sexuality!
Have you ever had a sexual fantasy? Which is the one that arouses you the most? Have you ever acted one out?

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