Thursday 27 June 2013

Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women


Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women (part1)

Warning: Do not read this article if you do not want to know how men truly think and feel. There are some women who are so beautiful on the outside but so ugly on the inside that it actually makes them unattractive. They believe that the man of their dreams (MOYD) should cater to them but do not believe they should have to cater to the MOYD. That just kills the love song.  They do not feel they should cook, clean or do anything for their man. For instance, when the MOYD finishes making love, he wants something to eat, and we are not speaking of oodles of noodles. He wants a meal. But she cannot cook. Her sole basis for existence is her vain beauty.
Ugly ways kill beauty. It matters not how much makeup she puts on her face. It cannot hide the ugliness on the inside.
Here are the 9 reasons men cheat on beautiful women:
1. She is ugly on the inside.
Even the ugly or not-so-attractive woman can be the most beautiful woman, because true beauty comes from within. This is one reason why so many men go back and forth from the beautiful woman to the woman who is not as attractive but who can take care of him and love him the way he needs to  and should be loved. It is so confusing. The man is saying to himself, “Suzy has the figure I want, the pretty long hair, beautiful skin and model-like features, but her attitude sucks and she does not want to do anything for me and yet expects everything from me.”
2. The sex is not good. 
Being beautiful does not make you good in bed. You have to be attentive and still have all the bells and whistles of any other woman.
I am sure you have seen what we  often refer to as mismatched couples, consisting of one who is gorgeous and another who is not so attractive. Everybody wants to know: Why and how did this happen? Well, if you had enough courage to stop them and ask why, she would say, for starters, “He makes real, passionate love to me, which makes him beautiful in my eyes.”
3. She has very few skills besides looking beautiful.
Beautiful women are often not completely functional human beings.  If you cannot cook, clean or handle core responsibilities by the age of 25, you have no skills to keep the MOYD. Beauty may have caught the MOYD’s attention and gotten your foot in the door, but it will not create a long-lasting, happy relationship.
You have to know how and have the willingness to take care of your man if your plan is to keep him interested in you. It’s the little things that count. If he opens your car door, do you reach over the seat and at least try to open his door? Or are you the type that only wants to spend his hard-earned money but not your own? This selfish attitude is not attractive to any decent man.
It is the little things that beautiful women lack that cement a relationship. Beautiful women are so used to people telling them they are beautiful and catering to them that it has handicapped them from developing the skills necessary to take care of the MOYD. When you earn your keep, you develop skills. When everything is handed to you, you develop no skills and become very insecure. (Dating the Insecure Woman vs. the Secure Woman? Part 1) Beautiful women often neglect the little things, like a back rub, head massage, noticing the dirt under her man’s fingernails or acknowledging that he works tirelessly for her. This is death to a relationship and true love.
Many women who are pretty seek attention constantly and are obsessed with themselves. It’s like a disease. It is interesting to meet so many beautiful women looking hot and sexy out at the club, who have boyfriends or are in a relationship. It’s like, “What are you doing here?”  (A topic to be discussed later.) You can only be good at what you practice and focus your energy towards.
A beautiful woman may look good in the mirror but in the end she will be lonely, have a man and still be lonely, or have the MOYD, who is not in love with her  but only in love with the way she looks–the proverbial trophy wife. You cannot love a trophy. It is a thing. This is a tragedy for this woman, and he will eventually cheat when he later realizes that true love and happiness is not necessarily in the way she looks.
This is why many of these women have and cling to their dogs, cats, etc. They are lonely. If she had the MOYD to cling to, she would not cling to her dog until it became an ingrained habit. But she treats her dog better than the MOYD or potential MOYD.  A dog is the only one who will love her vanity unconditionally: “Come on Charlie, let’s go for a walk, only you understand me.”  Men are not dogs, contrary to popular belief. We have feelings and needs just as you do.  Do you know what those are?  Food and sex are only for starters. Our behavior is very predictable when the woman has substance. (Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better)
What good does it do a man to have a pretty woman but not love? What good does it do a man to have a pretty woman who does not truly care how he feels? Because she really does not care how he feels, nor does she have the skill set to even ask the basic questions. Who he is and how he truly feels often go unnoticed. Yes, in the end it will be her and the dog walking down the street by themselves. They are meant for each other.
This is why so many beautiful women, such as Halle Berry, are so insecure, because deep down, they know that all they have is physical beauty and in the end, physical beauty will attract the MOYD but will never keep him interested long-term. He will eventually gravitate to the woman who has his best interests at heart–true love and beauty. She has that simple smile and spirit that warms a room full of people. Her light comes from within. So, ladies, if you see a really beautiful woman, there is no need to be jealous. She has her issues and insecurities just as you do, and often she is more fearful of you, because if you are truly a beautiful person inside, you have the real glue that holds a relationship and family together.  (Learning the Art of Forgiveness is a Must to a Successful Relationship)

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