Saturday 15 June 2013

No-nonsense Dating Advice for the Independent Career Woman Part 1

No-nonsense Dating Advice for the Independent Career Woman Part 1

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Dating in the world today can be best described as a jungle occupied by many different beasts. You have the deadly snakes, bears, lions, tigers, and all kinds of poisonous insects. Then there are the vampires and other lifeless souls that love to prey on other humans. There is one occupant however that needs the most immediate attention. This participant has a certain mindset that if changed only slightly could change the world of dating significantly. This is a certain kind of woman that I first noticed evidence of during my college years. Even though this kind of woman can sometimes be considered a man in a dress, she stills desires a real man but for some mysterious reason dating and being in a relationship does not work for her most of the time.

Nothing is more sad than to see a woman who is smart, sexy, and successful complain about going through horrible dates and being in unhappy relationships. Mostly because of  your financial success and the ability to take care of yourself, many of you women describe yourselves as “independent women”. Even though I love the fact that women have the ability to make a lot of money and be on top in your careers, this type of mindset will cause nothing but problems in your personal life. More specifically, your dating life.

What exactly are you independent from? How can you describe yourself as independent and yet at the same time complain about not being able to find a good man? Independent by definition not only means that you depend on yourself but in most cases also means that you have no loyalties or ties to anyone. How can any man take you seriously with this mindset? This type of mindset will cause nothing but confusion when you are dating and looking to start a meaningful relationship with a man. Furthermore, some of the women with this mindset seem to believe (in fantasy) that having your own money, job, assets, etc, means you can live without a man. No dating needed. No marriage needed. This is total bullshit.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make. It doesn’t matter how many material possessions you may have. You are all still a woman. On your way up the career ladder, you must have obtained that masculine energy dust that is sometimes necessary to make it to the top. I can understand that. This masculine energy is ok at work. However, when you come home with it, a serious conflict occurs. Too many of you want to plan the date, control the conversation, bust men’s balls, and talk only about business.

Imagine what life would be like if there was no money, no career status, no success etc. Just males and females spending their days looking for food and someone of the opposite sex to play with. We all know that women want sex just as much as men but because of the social stigma, women tend to be low key about their desires. Are you saying that you would not have any attraction for the men under the above scenario? The point is that you need and want men in your life no matter what your financial, career, or social status may be at the time. It is ok to admit this to yourself.

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