Thursday 13 June 2013

10 Ways Good Girls Can Unleash Their Inner Naughty Kitten

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10 Ways Good Girls Can Unleash Their Inner Naughty Kitten

1. Explore Your Fantasies

Take some time when you aren’t distracted to let your imagination run wild. Nothing is too weird or kinky. Be uninhibited...just because you think it doesn’t mean you have to act on it. This exercise gets you in touch with your core sexuality, what you find may surprise you.

2. Practice Talking Dirty

This one will likely feel weird at first. But imagine you are getting down and dirty with your man. Say out loud what you are feeling. Yes, out loud. Tell him what you want him to do to you. If you have to, start out with mimicking a movie or the infamous O-scene from When Harry Met Sally. The point here is to get comfortable verbalizing your thoughts and desires.

3. Shave and Trim Every Day
Even if you are in a self-imposed dry spell, taking the time every single day to be ready to hop into bed does wonders for your inner naughty kitten. Shave your legs and tend to your lady business so at a moment’s notice, you know you are ready for action. Even when action isn’t in the foreseeable future.

4. Wear Hot Bras and Panties

This one is kinda obvious but still important. Just like point #3, if you have on sloppy yoga pants and a hot push-up bra and beautiful underwear. The secret knowledge of your sexy outfit underneath gives you a boost of mystery. Even if only to yourself.
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5. Sexy Eating

In private, eat your food as if you are seducing someone. Dip your spoon in your yogurt and lick it off bit by bit as if it wasn’t a spoon of yogurt at all. Or do the same thing with ice cream. Or a banana. Yes, I am telling you to do this. This is another exercise that seems ridiculous but by making a boring thing like eating a sensuous event, you dial up your rawr-factor in a major way.

6. Dance Like a Video Vixen

Dancing totally gets you in touch with your body. Plus it’s fun. I do this all the time when I’m home alone. I crank up the tunes and shake my thang like I’m on stage. You can also get your workout done in a sexy way by taking a pole dancing, Zumba, or belly-dancing class.

7. Stretch Your Limbs

Making love can use all sorts of muscles and literally stretch our limbs in crazy fun ways. Stay in romp-worthy shape by taking a few minutes several days per week to stretch. Pay particular attention to your legs, hips, back, and abs. Caring for your muscles is not only healthy, it’s also very sensuous.

8. Notice Your Surroundings

Appreciate the curve of a piece of furniture. Notice the feel of a silk robe against your skin. Light a candle and inhale the luscious fragrance. Watch how a tree branch dances in the wind. Okay, I know I sound like a cheesy poem here. However, we are so distracted that most of the time we fail to notice the simple beauty around us. When you intentionally notice your surroundings, you develop your senses…and sensuality.

9. Flirt!

Flirting is a safe way to activate a little sexual tension. I recommend flirting with men you know are single. You can also flirt with strangers when out and about. A smile, a wink, a sexy double-entendre…these interactions increase your confidence and beliefs about your desirability.

10. Learn New Bedroom Techniques

Attend a bedroom toy party, read the Kama Sutra, watch an educational video. Learning about making love and all of its glorious possibilities gives you knowledge. And you can gather this knowledge solo. When you know how to please yourself AND your partner, that is the ultimate level of confidence. Meow!

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