Thursday 27 June 2013

Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women (part 2)


Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women (pt2)

Part 2
4. She is  arrogant.
Arrogance is when a woman thinks she can take another woman’s man because she is entitled to him because of her beauty. It’s an ugly act and ugly thought. Trust that she is not entitled and that her beauty will fade as quickly as the seasons come and go. Be patient and forgiving. Be the image of what you desire from the MOYD so that you can attract that which you want to come into your life.  In the end it will be you that is truly loved and respected. Those who take the high road rule over those on the lower road.
5. She is vain.
She may know in her heart the right thing to do, but her foundation–built on the principles of beauty–will not allow her to do the right thing for the MOYD. Or she does not know what the right thing is and becomes stuck in her own web. Remember, like a laser, you can only be a sharp as what you focus your energy on. If you are good at eating out but not good at cooking, it should be no surprise that your man does not come running home to you. Hmmm, you wonder. Why? Because he is down at Sally’s house around the corner, eating a full, four-course meal, with HER as the dessert. Ladies, please remember that just because you have a house, you don’t necessarily have a home. It’s your attitude and the right spirit that makes a house a home instead of an empty box. If you get up in the morning and don’t kiss and hug your man but run to the mirror and spend an hour putting on makeup getting ready to go out, you love the attention of the world more than you love and appreciate your man. You have missed what is most important. It’s the little things that matter the most. The infrastructure a beautiful woman has built for herself does not allow her to do the right thing or see the error of her ways.
6. After he has captured the prize, he finds that the cons outweigh the pros. (Dating 102: Weighing The Pros and Cons)
He starts asking himself real questions like: What do you bring to the table?  How are you an asset to his life? Once he adds up the pros and cons and you receive a three out of 10 score, with seven out of 10 being  the minimum for passing, he soon realizes he has been conned by your beauty and finds himself the victim of makeup; sexy, alluring dresses and fake hair, with no real substance behind them. Like the law of gravity, he will eventually head toward the woman who has his best interests at heart. This is what we witness everyday, especially among celebrity couples. They have all the money, exterior beauty and talent, so what’s the problem? It is that which you cannot see until the nasty divorce hits the airwaves. Then you say, uh-oh!
7. She has a self-centered attitude, like her boo-boo does not stink.
If you only care about yourself, do not be surprised when you are single at 35 or 40 years old and you go from man to man like a robot. The key ingredients women often miss are being unselfish, thrifty and giving. (Understanding Are You “Wifey” Material?)  If you have been selfish most of your adult life, and everything has been handed to you because of your beauty, it has rotted the very foundation on which you stand. This is comparable to a professional male athlete who attracts and sleeps with many women because of his status and not because he has any romantic skills. Why would he develop a skill he never had to use?
A beautiful woman ends up pissed off like a spoiled brat when things do not go her way. Her world is turned upside down because it has rubbed against the grain of her foundation. She does not know what it means to not get her way. She becomes cold and bitter towards all men, but not her own choices.
8. Her beauty is an empty shell with no real substance behind it.
If you spend all of your time getting your hair and nails done, shopping at the mall, watching “Basketball Wives” and other garbage that provides images of women disrespecting men, and you never spend any time investing in yourself besides the weekly visit to your local church, then how do you expect to become a better person in this constantly-changing world, when your focus is elsewhere?
9. She has an un-coachable personality.
Do you feel you know everything and the MOYD knows nothing? True beauty comes from within and cannot ever be purchased, only developed over time and with the right attitude. You have to have a coachable spirit. Stop spending the majority of your time shopping; instead, spend it investing in becoming a better you. With this investment of your time, the nine reasons why men cheat on beautiful women will be dramatically reduced.
A wise man will begin to realize there is a reason why you are 30 or 40 years old, successful, beautiful and still single, but we hope to help you realize any errant thinking  and make the necessary adjustments before he ever has the chance. Good men are hard to find, and finding the MOYD is even harder. So you must prepare yourself for the man you want to receive now, so you can attract and keep the MOYD.


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