Saturday 22 June 2013

7 Things Men Immediately Notice About Women

7 Things Men Immediately Notice About Women

I reached out to a bunch of men, and after promising to withhold both my personal judgement and their names, they divulged exactly — and I mean exactly — what does go through their mind when they see a girl for the first time.

1. A Cute Face

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the guys I talked to unanimously agreed that they notice a girl’s face before they notice her body. Eyes, smile, expression? “All. I couldn’t pick out one feature I look for more,” said one guy I talked to. “It’s a general feeling. And then if I spent more time with her, maybe I could say it’s really her eyes that caught me, etc.”

2. A Nice Body

The guys agreed that they instantly notice whether or not a woman is “demonstrably out of shape.” Beyond that, “I would notice breasts and/or ass before I notice triceps…although nice triceps are actually good…” one fellow said.

3. How She’s Dressed

“I look at their outfits, not in necessarily a sexy way, but to figure them out. How they put themselves together interests me,” one guy said. Another pointed out that how a girl is dressed can tell you a lot of things about her, from personal style to branding to wealth level. “I want someone who knows how to dress well for her style,” said one interviewee. “Not necessarily expensively, but that she has some kind of good aesthetic and it fits how she acts.”

4. Is She Loud?

Yeah, someone literally said this, and the other guys agreed. Apparently, guys notice if a woman is “overly aggressive in speech or mannerism for the setting.” (A nicer way of putting this perhaps would be to say they notice whether or not she has a sense of decorum or occasion? Talking loudly above everyone else annoys me when guys do it, too.)

5. Is She With More Girls or Guys?

Apparently, guys notice the gender ratio of who a woman is hanging out with right away. “If a girl has a ton of guy friends, it helps you know that if she’s being nice to you, it may not mean she’s into you,” said one guy I talked to.

6. Glasses (And Other Accessories)

Two guys I talked to said they instantly notices whether a woman has glasses. “My type is nerdy, kinda quiet, not intensely party-ish. Glasses can be a signal,” he said. Other guys said they notice accessories that give clues about her personality, like books or a helmet, etc.

7. Eye Contact

A lot of the guys I talked to brought up eye contact. “I don’t know, girls have a way of making eyes look sexy briefly but then back to normal again,” one told me. “Ability and desire to hold eye contact is a big signal.”

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