Friday 12 July 2013

10 Things You Never Knew About Men

10 Things You Never Knew About Men

Oh, the secrets men keep from women. Wouldn’t you like to know what goes on inside that head of his? There are a lot of things about men that will always be a mystery to women, but we’ve been listening in on locker room conversations and we’ve learned a few surprising things about men that you never knew. Here are a few of the secrets that men keep from women…

1.  Men think women with no makeup are sexy…

And most women would die before they let a man catch them without their face on! But apparently, the joke’s on us, gals. Despite all our effort, men are saying they prefer a more natural look. Does this mean he really likes how you look before you put on the war paint? Or does he just think he prefers the natural look because he has no idea what the real you really looks like? Although women spend thousands of dollars every year on beauty products – in large part so they can enhance their appearance to impress men- men say that they hate lipstick transfer when they kiss you, and they think all that “eye-junk” and stuff makes you look fake.
There are a few other things men think are sexy that women will find surprising:
  1. Soft tummies. What?! Here we are killing ourselves for flat abs and they really like a little pooch in the belly? No way! But…yes way. Soft curves and rounded stomachs are a turn-on for men. They like for women to feel soft, feminine and cuddly. It makes them feel protective and affectionate, as well as making them feel like they don’t have to be so perfect if you aren’t perfect. They also say that sometimes those chicks with hard bodies and six-pack abs are too intimidating.
  2. Drinking beer. Did you think you were sexy and sophisticated sipping from a straw in that pink drink with the umbrella? Relax a little and order a beer instead. Men feel like a girl who drinks beer is more approachable, probably more fun to hang out with, than women who drink more elegant beverages. Maybe this one isn’t really all that surprising. Think about it- put his two favorite things together and of course he’s turned on! Hot girls and beer? All in one? He’s probably drooling.
  3. Granny panties. Wearing matching, lacy lingerie is the first step in our plan of seduction. Women carefully select just the right sexy bra and panties set to wear any time there’s a possibility of getting undressed in front of a man. Who would have thought that plain white cotton drawers would be such a turn-on for guys? It gives a man a sense of pride and accomplishment to get you out of your clothes and find you in plain underwear, because it shows him you weren’t planning to have sex and he’s just so attractive and good at seduction that you couldn’t resist.

5.      Most men who cheat usually still love their wives…

You might think that if a man has an affair with another woman that means he doesn’t love his wife anymore. Men become dissatisfied with their lives and seek something new and different usually to restore their own self-confidence. They may feel less important when kids and careers take priority with their wives, they may feel ashamed of their own financial shortcomings, or feel like they are missing out on the fun of their former single lifestyle. Stepping out with another woman doesn’t necessarily mean he wants out of his marriage. So if you’re the “other woman” waiting for him to leave his wife who “doesn’t understand him,” – don’t hold your breath. And if you’re the wife, just because you know he still loves you doesn’t mean you have to accept a cheater.

6.      They all fall for the fake orgasm.

Sometimes it seems like it has gone on forever and he’s never going to quit. If you are ready to just roll over and go to sleep already, you can fairly easily convince him that he is a wonderful lover who has given you a fantastic orgasm so he’ll finish up and let you get your beauty rest. He is so ready to believe that he is the world’s greatest lover that there isn’t a man alive who can see through a fake orgasm. All it takes is a little moaning and squirming, some “Oh, baby, oh, my god,” and a couple of Kegel exercises and he thinks he’s the man- which spurs him on to get his and get it over with.

7.      Men are proud of their paychecks…

It all goes back to the caveman days when the man would hunt mammoth and bring home meat to the cave. He feels like he’s not a “real man” unless he’s the provider, even if he’s not really an old-fashioned guy. Sure, he believes in women’s rights and supports you in your career, but if your paycheck is bigger than his, he feels less of a man.

8.      Guys actually like fixing things around the house.

Still on the caveman philosophy, men feel proud of themselves if they fix the sagging cabinet door or re-grout the bathroom tile. Don’t mix up fixing things with doing chores, though. Taking out the trash doesn’t give them the same sense of accomplishment as fixing the leaky sink, so plan on having to keep nagging him to do that.

9.      Yes, he was looking at her…

So you’re strolling down the sidewalk hand-in-hand with your boyfriend and along comes one of those really hot girls that make you feel like the ugly stepsister. She’s strutting her stuff in a low-cut top or some Daisy Dukes, and your head automatically turns to check and see if your guy has noticed her. Go ahead and hiss that whispered question every woman asks at one time or another: “Were you looking at her?”

Well, of course he was looking at her. It doesn’t mean he wants to let go of your hand and go after her. It just means that every man is born with built-in “babe radar” and there’s no “Off” button. A man’s eyes are geared to magnetically stray towards the sight of legs and cleavage. And if you don’t see him looking, it just means that he has excellent peripheral vision.

10. All men secretly wish they were kids again.

No matter how long he’s been wearing a suit to work, no matter how responsible he is about paying bills, he really wishes he was 15 again. They might not play video games anymore or ride a skateboard, but no man ever truly leaves behind the kid he was, even when he seems like a mature adult.

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