Friday 5 July 2013

How To Dirty Talk During Sex Without Feeling Silly

how to dirty talk

How To Dirty Talk During Sex Without Feeling Silly

1 193x130 How To Dirty Talk During Sex Without Feeling SillyDid you know that dirty talk during sex can be a huge turn on for both you and your man? The truth is that talking dirty while getting busy under the covers will turn ‘ordinary, boring sex’ into ‘hot, kinky sex’ that you will remember forever! And while you might think that it’s quite tough to pull off the dirty talking act, in reality all it needs is a little confidence, some inspiration and just a tad of imagination. Trust us, if you could just get these tricks right, the benefits of talking dirty will outweigh the drawbacks any day (or night!)
Here we reveal some sex secrets that will knock his socks off in bed!
1. Start simple by expanding your limits
For most of us, it is very easy to ooh and aah in bed. But when it comes to putting more words than that in to expressing our sexual fantasies, most of us hit a brick wall. The key to talking dirty with confidence is to know what to say, and how to say it right. You don’t have to sound too over the top and only use filthy curse words; try all the naughty little words you can think of that are within your comfort level and spin them in to sexy sentences. Verbs like smack, bite, fondle, suck, lick, grab, pinch and squeeze can come to your aid!
2. Be in control

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it out loud. Be assertive by telling your man exactly what you want! Talking dirty in bed isn’t about emulating a porn star; rather it is all about enhancing your sexapade by letting your man know what you like, how you like it, and where you like it most; and do that with a lot of style. Remember to return the favour as well, and drive him wild by encouraging dirty talk from him! It’s all about being in control, girl!
3. Do not worry about sounding silly
One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to dirty talk is to try hard not to sound silly. There is nothing silly about expressing your inner most sex fantasies to your man! We’ll let you in on a secret that we hope helps bring out that unbridled passion in you – When a man is turned on; a lot of things that would ordinarily sound ridiculous to him can begin to sound really, really, really hot! So don’t be afraid to try new hot dialogues; he will have no complains, we promise! If you want some help, note down a few snippets you heard in a steamy movie or read in a hot book and use them as an inspiration.
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But just like everything else, dirty talk comes with a few pitfalls as well. Here are a few things we suggest you  NEVER try out in bed in the name of ‘dirty-talk’:
  • Compare your man to your ex; even if you want to imply he’s the best sexual partner you have ever had.
  • Mentioning parents when getting busy is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster.
  • Never let the dirty talk refer to the age difference between you two, or racial difference, or any such objectionable difference. Your dirty talk can be mildly offensive by using f-words, but never should be majorly offensive by laying down obvious personal differences.
Do you like to dirty talk in bed? What other things do you like to say or do? Have these tips helped you feel a lot more confident about trying it out next time?

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