Tuesday 2 July 2013

Meet The Most Important Person In Your Relationship

Meet The Most Important Person In Your Relationship

We'd walked the walk in our previous relationships and now we get to talk the talk in our next one together.

This maybe complete baloney, but possibly we have to see things as they can be and maybe not how our lives appear to be or might be interpreted as right now. Lift your faces up. Walk tall. After all “What you give is what you get”. Give love. But first start with YOU! Fall head over heels in love with yourself!


Cos’ you are the most important person in your world. Not your kids, not your grandkids, not even you new boyfriend!
It all starts with YOU!

How does that work?

Simple when you think of it logically "Why should anyone else love you if you can't even see that you're worth to love even yourself?

It would be like you owning a horse and entering it into a race and wondering why nobody else actually puts any money on it, after seeing that you hadn't put any money on it yourself. Well in relationships it’s the same. People will put the same amount of value on you as you give yourself.

I’m not talking about pretending to be a big shot and looking down on everyone (that is quite the opposite if you think about it). I have tried to explain that it's like having your own special, magic water well of love inside of you. You feel you are abundant and special and want others to feel the same so you find it is your calling and duty to easily give love away without fear or care of it ever running dry. You can then “give of yourself” and keep giving. But what also happens is that what you give is what you receive. So it just goes on and on. Also here’s the secret too, you might find that you give to someone and you actually never get anything back. When you feel abundant you have real value and you're not affected. What do you care, you have so much you just keep giving and giving without a negative thought and simply keep giving.

They say “you can’t feed the hungry with an empty cup”! You have to feed/love yourself first. If you’ve ever had to pump water from a well, sometimes it takes a good few cranks to get anything because like some wells it has to have some water in the system in order for it to work. It’s the same for us we have to prime the pump first. We have to have love for ourselves to in order to give it. For some of us it’s not easy and we're cranking away but nothing is coming. Some guys would quit as this point. But it’s in there, within you. Just keep cranking. We all have a fully working well, it hasn't run dry, it just needs to be primed. 

Keep pumping it’s in there and you're worth it.

Colin J Robertson


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