Sunday 14 July 2013

8 Surprising Qualities You Should Look For In A Guy

8 Surprising Qualities You Should Look For In A Guy

When I first met my husband, I was a frazzled high school senior trying to plan some last-minute arrangements for homecoming dance.
I stood in the school’s gym, beads of sweat trickling down my back and blew a tuft of hair off of my face as I watched my carefully-organized plans seemingly crumble around me.
And suddenly he was there.
Appearing from behind the dusty bleachers, he stood shyly in front of me but the bright blue eyes that met mine were steady and unwavering.
“How can I help?” he asked.
It was in that first moment that I felt my heart start to melt. A little Ms. Independent, typical type-A personality, I wasn’t used to people offering—or accepting—help. And the fact that was he willing to go out of his way to help a virtual stranger, especially one with bad highlights and an awful fake tan?
I knew he was a keeper.
Which is why I’m convinced that women should put aside the checklists and instead, look for these 8 somewhat surprising qualities on their quests to find Mr. Right.

1. He supports you no matter what

As I first suspected that day back in my high school gym, a supportive partner who is willing to pitch in and help you will go a long ways in building a life together. 

2. He can play with kids

I’m sorry, but no man is too good to bring himself down to a child’s level and play. I love being a mom, but no one—and I mean no one—can make my children laugh as much as my husband. 

3. He looks good holding a baby

Ok, so that’s not a quality per se, but there’s just really nothing as heart-melting-inducing as a man holding a newborn baby, amIrightladies? Even if you’re not sold on the whole having kids thing, a man who can display that gentle touch and respect for the littlest among us has something special.

4. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty

Sure, not all men are built for the business of getting down and dirty, but there’s something irresistible about a man who isn’t afraid to fix things, build things, or grow things. Even if he fails at it, his affinity for getting dirty can only lead to good things.

5. He’s a gentleman

As an article over at Your Tango points out, “A great guy needs to be polite, respectful, considerate, and attentive to a woman's needs. I personally believe that if all men were gentlemen, we would live in a better world.” I have to say that I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. There are simply no excuses for men not acting like gentlemen, especially in the world of dating. 

6. He likes to talk to you

This one may seem silly, but a man who is willing to talk to you about his day, that interesting article he just read, or even the latest gossip he heard at work is a man who you won’t get tired of listening to. I just love when my husband can’t wait to tell me about the littlest things. 

7. He treats others kindly

As you may have gleaned from the opening story, my husband loves to help others. From helping his co-workers to bailing out that guy that flew into our ditch as we were leaving for vacation, my husband goes above and beyond to show kindness to others. And I know that translates into an overflowing kindness towards me and our relationship.

8. He makes you laugh

As evidence from our recent vacation pictures, neither my nor my husband’s bodies are what they were when we met in that high school gym. (Did I mention how good he looked in his football pants? Maybe that should’ve made this list…) But I mean it when I say, although attractiveness is obviously important, nothing warms my heart or makes me feel closer to my husband than sharing a good laugh together. Because I know that’s something that will never fade.


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