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Top 10 Free Date Ideas

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Top 10 Free Date Ideas

I’ve literally gone through HUNDREDS of these damn things to find what I thought were the best ten date ideas you can do for FREE or for very little money and I even included a few of my own. 

I would write a few more of mine on here but not everybody’s a bar or club person, lol. The one date that you might be spending money on is actually for you and not your date. So you don’t trip, sir, I got your back. 

I chose dates that help with role-playing, getting physical and you getting to know your date. Setting the tone for how your relationship should be… FUN! 

They’re not in any particular order from favorite to least favorite, they’re all fun and great dates to take women on where you don’t have to spend money. Remember, women have been on a million dinner and movie dates so switch it up and have some fun. 
Trust me, I use to do it myself. Expensive dinners in Newport Beach Harbor with a view of the ocean and when I started getting better at this dating stuff I was only spending $2 for myself on dates and that was on my way home at Del Taco for breakfast. 

If you have the mindset of, “I hope she likes this.” You’re already setting the date up for failure. You my friend need to sell it like it’s nobodies business. If she likes art shows, perfect you already know she will like the date. 

If you want to take her to watch fireworks you need to sell it, “They do this firework show over by my place and it is AWESOME, I’ll make us some snacks and we’ll go watch them and afterwards I know of this cool little comedy club that does open mic nights.” That’s two of the free dates I put below. 

Anyways lets get to it… 

1.)   Local Art Shows

Local art shows are GREAT for first dates. You get to stare at killer art while you both are making your observation of what the artist may or may not have been thinking while creating it. You’ll be able to take pictures of her with the paintings or vise versa. While you’re there you can throw your arm around her and walk to each painting like a couple. 

2.)   Open Mic Nights at Comedy Clubs

Who doesn’t love laughing? You get to go and see the up and coming talent in the comedy circuit and get some good laughs in. This is great for getting her in a good mood. Sit right next to her and have some fun. 

3.)   Build a Fort

I know you remember making forts as a kid, right? Yup, that’s exactly what this is! Making forts as an adult! Great way to have some fun in the middle of your living room and once you both are hidden away in these things you can get physical… start kissing and yup, have your way with her ;) Remember to have more than one clean and comforter to build with, lol. 

4.)   Free ZOO Day  (most local zoo’s offer this to their community)

Zoos are always fun to go to. You both get to see wild animals you normally don’t see on the daily and have some laughs when the animals start doing crazy things. Plus it’s also fun for a little people watching while you’re sitting on a bench taking a rest from all the walking. 

5.)   Watch Fireworks Together

Fireworks can only be seen when? That’s right, AT NIGHT! More than likely you’ll need some jackets to keep warm, so snuggling up and holding her while you both watch fireworks is a major plus, sir! You always want to get some physical stuff in while you’re on the date. Don’t get too creepy with it but you most definitely want her getting use to your touch. 

6.)   Go to the Beach

At the beach they have a million things you can do. You can go to the little boutique shops, you can people watch, you can both run in the sand and you can also SWIM. There’s tons of stuff you can do together at zero cost to you and all the while you’re getting to know one another. 

If you don’t live near a beach take her to the lake. Bring blankets and stare at the sky and get to know one another. 

7.)   Go Skinny Dipping Together

Need I say more? This can lead to a few fun things that you can use your imagination to figure out ;) 

8.)   Go to Your Local Farmers Market

This is the one where you MIGHT have to pay but if you don’t need to go shopping don’t. Most of the time when getting to know a girl you’re interested in, instead of doing the typical date you simply HANG OUT. So taking her with you to do a little shopping is never a bad thing. You’re bringing her into YOUR WORLD. She gets to see what it’s like being with you with stuff you would do with or without her. 

9.)   Body Painting

I actually learned this from my cousin way before I found the dating stuff. I was like, “This is AWESOME!” lol. You can find this stuff online or at your local costume store. You both will be wearing skimpy to almost no clothes so each of you can paint on one another. This can turn into some crazy fun if you play your cards right and get physical at the right moment. 

10.)   Have a Movie Night

This is my personal favorite and was my “goto” thing for almost a year. I learned this from a coworker a few years back. She said her and all her friends get together for a “movie night” and watch movies. I was like, “hmmmmm, how I can throw my twist on this?” So one day I simply told a chick, “Hey movie night at my house Thursday.” And she came over for the movie. I got some snacks and laid them out and it was a legit movie night. This one is super fun. Be sure to have a blanket that both of you can lay under. Remember, don’t ask if she wants to watch a movie, she’ll be onto you, tell her she’s coming over for “Movie Night” and don’t’ forget the snacks! 

So have fun when you take your chicks on these types of dates. If you’re not having fun, she won’t be having fun. Remember to get physical and get to know her! 

Have fun. 

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